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Spilling after feeds Lock Rss

Hi ,

My almost four week old daughter constantly "spills' after I breast feed her.Is this at all any indication that she has had enough milk?
All babies spill to some degree. The best way to know she's getting enough milk at 4 weeks is that she's having at least 5 heavy wet nappies/day, seems content between feeds, and is gaining some weight. It's around this time that BF bubs go from pooing most feeds to more infrequently - up to every 10 days, which my DS is famous for! Having said that, if she eats too much the excess will overflow smile
Congrats on bub!
My bub's a spiller. He's a lot better since he started solids but still spills occasionally. It doesn't bother him and his growing (very) well.
Here's some info on spilling and reflux <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
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