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How long baby in newborn size nappies Lock Rss

Hi ladies, how long was your baby in newborn size nappies for? I can't remember how long DD was in them for as that was almost 5 yes ago). I deliver at 37 weeks and baby expected to be around 6.2 pounds. I'm wanting to stock up on nappies nut not sure how many boxes to buy. Nappies I will be getting are huggies and Pampers (on sale on for 51% off) Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Jess 28yrs, 5yr old daughter, 8 month old son and 20 weeks pregnant.

I used them on DD for about a month, totally depends on the size of your baby though I guess - My one was 8lb4. I went through at least one big box.
about 3mos for me...I don't think it matters too much about how much weight they are born (average weight that is, not a prem) as it all depends upon how quickly they gain weight...some gain lots quickly and others gain a little slowly.

My first was lucky if he was in them for a month! Second one about 3mos...
he was in them for about a month if that, he put on alot of weight after he was born. It depends on what you baby weighs at birth and how much weight he/she puts on.

Thanks for your replies, I guess I can always take them back and exchange them for a bigger size If I end up with too many boxes.

Jess 28yrs, 5yr old daughter, 8 month old son and 20 weeks pregnant.

My daughter was born just under 8 pound, From memory I used around 2 1/2 box's but she also was a little piggy and put on weight fairly rapidly.
Your bub is on the smaller side. My bub was almost 9lb and we used them for 2 1/2mths. You should get at least 2 mths from newborn size, maybe more. You will use more if you breast feed too. I think we used 4 boxes.
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