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My newborn has reflux, and was wondering if anyone is in the same situation and can recommend anything to help settle.

Keeping bubs upright/on a slant for 20 minutes after each feed. Also prop the cot/bassinet up at one end (head end is propt) about the height of a telephone book (I used my Kaz Coote book:)). We went onto Zantac but start it in the morning as that way if bubs doesnt react well your awake and alert to tend to them. Hope that bubs settles soon x
3 things eventually helped us. 1.Drugs -Losec. 2. Baby probiotics 3. Lactose free diet.
Things that helped a bit: elevate the cot, small frequent feeds, keeping upright after a feed for longer, settling in the sling or baby bjorn then transferring to bed.
Wish I'd gone to the specialist straight away with mine, instead of listening to the doctor telling me 'it's not that bad.' It was, and it wasn't until the drugs started that my son smiled and laughed. Good luck.
I found Infant's friend (from any chemist-natural oils) to be really helpful and I think that bub can have in from 4wks if I remember correctly smile
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