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when to unswaddle a baby Lock Rss

My 7m.o is still very comfortable in his wrap but i feel he should probably be unwrapped by now. BTW he's not rolling much yet & he's strapped in a 'safe T' so he can't roll - mostly cause he shimmies up the cot.

I attempted to unwrap him a few weeks ago, & just let 1 arm out. All I got were 2 30min naps all day. I wasn't game to try it overnoght. So we went back to swaddling.

How am I going to know when he's ready ?
If he starts to wiggle out of it himself or starts complaining when you wrap him could be a sign that he doesn't want to be wrapped anymore. My DD was around 6 months before we transitionded her into a sleeping bag to sleep. She still has a flannel wrap in her cot with her to sleep at night (at 19 months), as it her little comforter. She now doesn't have a sleeping bag either, but still likes to be tucked in really tight, some kids just feel more secure that way.

Yes he always was a houdini. But his current wraps (babyushka), are 130x130, so there's no way he can get out. And yes he does protest when i put him down. But I think that's because he's tired. He doesn't really protest being wrapped.
I am having the exact same problem with my daughter at the moment - she is nearly 7 months. She loves being wrapped and every time i try to encourage her to sleep without it (one arm out, one arm in or a loose wrap) she either gets really upset or thinks that its playtime so i rewrap her immediately, i dont even get half an hour! I dont want to leave her unwrapped for night time sleep coz like you, im too afraid that none of us will actually get any sleep! i am currently looking for ways to wean her off the wrap because she seems to be getting too big and is starting to break free easily and kick her blankets off. Im researching the Ergococoon and Woombie - they are half swaddle half wrap. I havent tried one yet but will definitely try tomorrow or the day after. I can let you know how it goes if you like. Let me know if you have any ideas too!!!
Hi Annie
His wrap consists of a small strechy thin blanket (with bonds writting all over it). I pin his arms under each side. Then use the babyushka (which he was getting out of by itself). It's doing the trick. Fully swaddled & tight. The health nurse said to litely wrap when i saw her at 4m.o stage. What's the point of that, when for sure they are going to get out.

I'm desperate to get him out of it as we will be travelling soon & would like him to be able to fall asleep in a stroller unwrapped.

I don't really want to go down the path of buying anymore stuff. But would be interested in seeing how you got on, for future reference.
Hey girls. My Dd is 8 months old and I stopped swaddling at around 7 months. We went from a cotton stretch wrap to an ergo cocoon (arms in) with no issues. Then one night I put her to hbed and literally every 5 mins when her dummy fell out she woke up. So I walked in and opened the arms.. pulled her arms out... put a dummy in her mouth and another in her hand. After 10 mins of playing around she put a dummy in her mouth and slept till 3am. Went in and put dummy in mouth and the other in hand and she's been sleeping through since. Sometimes when I check on her she has her dummy upside down or sideways etc so I know she's woken up and settled herself. Whenever we makes changes etc we always do it at night time. That way you know they are bound to fall asleep at some point. This always works for us. Generally it only takes a baby 3 get used to something so with that in mind I knew it was time to.bite.the bullet. Now we use bonds sleeping bags that way the.sleep cue is still there. Goodluck
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