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hey everyone,
i have a 2 week old with extremly dry skin and wundering if anyone has ideas how to get rid ov it..we moisterize her morning and night her hands are better but legs and feet are still pretty bad...
From my experience, find a good moisturiser (free from chemicals etc) and moisturise! moisturise! moisturise!

Its also a good idea to visit a GP and see if they think it's eczema. If it is & it gets worse (Starts cracking & weeping) the doctor will give you a script for something to help it more.

My DD2 had eczema pretty bad when she was younger, but she hasnt had it for awhile.
What are you using? Steer clear of the commercial moisturizers, they're mostly full of crap that will probably only mask the problem and make it worse in the long-run. Try grapeseed oil or olive oil or check out the baby range from moogoo
i found QV oil to be great with my girls.
all i have used for my son is J&J moisturising bath because it was given to me in a gift basket - it cleared it up.
I use DERMAVEEN its not a cream but an emoliant, comes in a big white tub most chemist sell it, myself and all 4 of my kids have dry skin plus the babies got severe eczema, I cover him in it at every nappy change and after bathing.


my midwife said 2 use cold pressed olive oil. or almond oil.
but not moisturizers as their skin is really absorbent n will absorb all those chemicals.
yes, i have heard almond oil is meant to be really good but have never tried it. just stay away from j&j products. also a quick bath (in QV oil)but not too hot.
thanks everyone wink we have stopped using anything and it seems to have cleared up i dunnu it may have been just cuz she is a newborn xx
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