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Hi all, I'm new here, due in December.
I'm a first timer and am a little overwhelmed by the many many products available.
I have mummy friends and they all seem to have specific brands and products they prefer, and i have just started to purchase consumables.
Was wondering what products are the best, and which to avoid and why?
So things like baby powder, formula, nappy rash cream etc.
any other tips and info also much appreciated
I like baby powder. Don't use it on dd but comes in handy when i wax my underarms or want an alternative to deoderant.

We've always bought huggies wipes & nappies.

Fan of steelcraft for all things big, and s26 gold all along.

Wow im a little worried now what's wrong with baby powder???
Anyway my essentials are Sudocrem the best nappy rash cream for my little bub tried the bepanthen but it didn't work for DD. I like to use the natural baby pawpaw ointment it's nice and gentle and i find it great for dry cheek's (face) and i use it on her body as well. For the bath i swear by the night time baby bath from Johnson's it's in a purple bottle my god it's brilliant really help's settle them nice and relaxing. Johnson's baby wipe's and sometime's curash wipes. Huggie's nappy's and deffinatley nappy bag's a deffinate must and to be honest i just by the cheap one's you get like 100's in each box i think i have dymples ones ATM. As for formula my DD has been on Karicare Aptimal gold and it agrees with her.
Hope this helps a little.
Love sudocream. I use Nan formula this was recommended to me and have never had a problem with it. Curash and huggies wipes.
Hi hun my advice is to really read everything on the back of all your baby products and stay away from all the johnson and johnson products they smell pretty as they have so many chemicals and are a shocker for drying out skin.The more bubbly the soaps and the tear free products are the worst as there more chemicals needed to make them bubbley and numb the sting from the shampoos.way I look at it is if you can't eat it why would you want to put it on your precious baby.The more natural the better ds has super sensitive skin this is what we use...

Little me organics bath soak,body and hair wash and moisturiser its got organic lavender and chamomille.
Ecostore nappy balm and organic bee balm.Organic coconut oil for ds skin when he has wee rashes.
Natural oils the pure olive oils types are great.Ecostore washing power and huggies nappies and bags are a must here.
I also make my own organic baby wipes they are simple to do and besides saving money I love knowing exactly whats going on my ds skin heres how if your interested
need one ice cream container or one that size,a large cup of water,handy paper towel cut in half so you have two small rolls bowt the size of a loo roll, a squirt or two of any organic body wash I use little me organics,a large spoonful of organic coconut oil.
Then you heat the coconut oil in pot just until melted add it to the water with the body wash then put one half of the paper towels in put the lid of squish it down it will fit leave it 10 mins go back take out the middle cardboard cardy bit an vwala baby wipes at a fraction of the cost.

Excuse all the spellng errors I'd just finished writing it all out then I lost it smile.
Ds is on karicare formula too smile and an all organic diet,enough bloody additives in the formula.

hippomum wrote:
Moo2Moo wrote:
Wow im a little worried now what's wrong with baby powder???

Talc is a silica product and not safe to inhale. Some baby powders are starch based and less dangerous, but still not a great idea. The link explains.....

Thankyou for the link, not as worried now as i only use the pure cornstarch powder on her little bottom to help with moisture.
I have always used Huggies nappies for overnight bubs once they get bigger as they are very absorbant. Otherwise, I have always used ALDI nappies & wipes and never ever had any issues with them, plus they are super cheap compared to other brands.
Thanx everyone, this is just what I was after. Everybody keeps telling me I wil need this and this and this, and lots of those, and in sure ill work out what I like over time. Jut like to know if there is anything I should steer clear of for any particular reason. Like I read in another post here somewhere that a particular formular is known to cause constipation etc. and I'm sure you all have one item you swear by, and another you got first time round an never had a need for.
Huggies nappies all the way here, they are the best IMO and not so expensive anymore either. Huggies wipes caused a terrible reaction and sort of 'burnt' my dd's bottom so I use curash or have recently discovered 'comfy bots' wipes from coles they are pretty cheap and have nicer ingredients in them and work great! When she had the reaction I used am-o-lin nappy cream on her bottom and it was great. I was recommended Heinz Nurture formula, it is the only one made in Australia and is not genetically modified AND is one of the least expensive on the market which is a bonus!! As others have said though formula can be a bit of a trial and error product. I also think Avent bottles are the best as they help prevent colic, happy baby dummies as they are a cherry shaped teat- easier for bubs to hold onto, all in one's instead of singlets so they dont ride up, bonds socks seem to stay on the best. All the best, hope this helps!
I usually use soft cotton pads and water when changing my dd nappy. I love the new baby love nappies. They are soft and fit more wider then huggies. Don't like huggies wipes. Everyone is different so find what you like as well.

I used huggies nappies until he was 6kg then I felt the quality dropped and changed to baby love they have great absorbency and cheaper than huggies, but huggies newborn are great with the strip to tell when they're wet. Huggies wipes gave my ds terrible nappy rash, he was red raw so we use chux with water heaps cheaper, just cut it into squares. When we're out Coles or comfy bots wipes are good. Curash for nappy rash sticks to the bum best IMO. And curash soap free bath for baths. I didn't always use soap and only bathed every 2-3 days. Advent bottles and dummies as well.
I have not any idea about best brand of baby products but i would like to suggest you that you have to use online option to find baby products. There are so many of website that provides different brand of baby products and all information about it so you can easily get the information about baby products and easily choose best brand's baby products. Huggies is the best brand of baby diaper that really good to wear a baby and also not harmful of baby skin.
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