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Hi All,

I hope I have put this in the right spot.

I was just wondering at what age would you feel comfortable leaving your baby with a babysitter (not family or friends) for 4 or more hours

We are currently expecting our first bub in feb 2013 smile We are very excited.

Today in the post we received a wedding invitation for a immediate family member of my husbands. We have been told we are not to bring the baby to the reception. The wedding is in March so depending on when our bub arrives he will only be 4 to 6 weeks old. It’s a destination wedding and they have told us the venue has babysitters for hire.

I don’t know if I’m being too over protective but I just don’t feel comfortable leaving a baby that is a newborn with some one I don’t know.

So I thought I would ask peoples opinions before I debt the topic with my in-laws. At what age would you feel comfortable leaving your baby with a stranger?

Thanks smile
I wouldnt leave a newborn with someone i didnt know. I wouldnt even leave my 14 and 13 year old with someone i didnt know. Yes im protective, some may say overly, but i think its too risky otherwise.

For our wedding we allowed babies, they sleep most of the time and you dont hear a peep out of them, its older children that would be more of a disruption.
Have to agree with previous posts. DD is 8 months and has never been looked after by anyone other than my partner or myself. Sling is a great idea, babies that young just want to be close to mum smile
I didn't leave my son with a stranger until he was 5 months and even then it was for an hour at the gym so I was just in the other room. It's really what you'd feel comfortable with.

Personally I wouldn't go if I couldn't leave bubs with a family member. I had a strict no kids/babies at a my wedding and my niece was only 3 weeks old (she did come to the ceremony). I don't think wedding receptions are for kids/babies regardless of their age. It's the bride and grooms day and their wishes should be respected.

?? Could you talk to them, maybe ask them if you can take bub, explain she will sleep most of the time if not all of the time and tell them you understand they dont want a baby disrupting things and so if she starts to cry or disrupt then you will be happy to take her outside for a bit or leave, it would be better than not going at all
Sorry but really do they think your newborn is going to be a pain at the wedding..? Take your newborn, a 4 to 6week old baby will be most likely sleeping thru it anyway. I wouldn't leave my newborn with anyone i didn't know. When my first was born id only leave her with my family to many crazy ppl out there these days.

Thanks girls

Unfortunately the bride is the person who doesn’t want children or babies at the wedding to some extent I can see her point of view however this is a destination wedding so it’s not like I can just leave bub with my mum for an hour or two and just go home early….

Unfortunately as its immediate family and my husbands in the bridal party it’s more than likely going to start a up a family fight if I tell them I can’t go

Before finding this out my plan was just to bring bub along and book a room close by incase bub gets unsettled.

I really don’t feel comfortable leaving bub at that age so I guess I’m just going to have to tell them that if they feel that strongly about it I just won’t be able to attend.

Daniam wrote:
I don't think wedding receptions are for kids/babies regardless of their age. It's the bride and grooms day and their wishes should be respected.

I have to disagree to a certain extent.

Yes it is the bride and grooms day, and yes their wishes should be respected.
But there is no harm in asking them if they would mind you taking bub if you explain how young bub would be and tell them that at that age all he/she will do is probably sleep (do they have children? maybe they dont realise babies of that age mostly sleep) and promise to remove them if you thought they would be a distraction

We didnt invite children (one girl in particular) to our wedding that we knew would be a disruption. We did invite babies, (and we did invite the girls 18 month old brother). The mother, a friend of mine tried a few ways to get me to let her to bring her but there was no way i was budging, the girl is feral and a bully.

i think it is wrong to ask a mother to seperate from her newborn baby especially if being breastfed.

We got married after 16 years of being together and our wedding for us was a family one, it is for family to celebrate not just adults, children are family too. Our children were aged 13, 10, 4 and 2 when we got married.
From your original post it sounds like they've only specified not to bring bub at the reception, does this mean they're ok with you having bub with you at the actual wedding ceremony? If they are, I'd just go to the wedding ceremony and explain that you're not able/willing to leave bub at such a young age so won't be attending the reception but that you want to share part of their special day with them by coming to the wedding ceremony. It's probably not the 'best' solution but it might be a compromise that at least gives you a chance to participate in their wedding day without having to leave such a young bub with someone you don't know.

True you could always ask but at the end of the day they have requested no kids so be prepared that they may say no. If you say yes to one how do you say no to others? At what age is a baby allowed and not allowed? It's tricky which is why when I was asked and I said no but everyone is different they may say yes and problem solved.

Could you speak to the venue about what babysitters they have? Their qualifications? Their first aid status? If you could speak to any previous people who have used them?

Maybe like a previous poster mentioned, your hubby go, whether you could go to the ceremony then get a room for during the reception & you have a rest with your bubby?

It's a hard one really, but definitely speak to the bride & groom (nicely of course) and just point out a few things - don't feel comfortable to leave your bub with anyone else yet, you'll still be bonding & need to be close, breastfeeding (if you are) etc.

I had about 14 children 6 and under at my wedding, 1 was 2.5 weeks old, the other about 5.5 weeks, never bothered us, didn't even hear them or anything.
so she is family? wow i actually think that quite rude even bridezilla and she really needs to get over herself. sorry if i'm being nasty i just think she is being unreasonable. i can understand her saying no to the church service but the reception should be ok imo.

personally i wouldn't go my babies needs would come first.

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