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  5. Can anyone recommend a good iPhone app for newborn stuff - feeding and sleeping patterns etc?

Can anyone recommend a good iPhone app for newborn stuff - feeding and sleeping patterns etc? Rss

Am having my 3rd in a few weeks, but first baby since iPhones! There are SO many babycare apps around, so any recommendations would be great. Something simple with not too many features that complicate things, and mainly related to tracking feeds, sleep patterns and nappy changes? Australian too smile Thanks!
I use a free one called "eat sleep" It's super easy to use, and it will show you the day, week and month. It also lets you add your own notes for the day, as well as nappy changes, feeding, and sleeping.

I used one called Baby Feeding Log. Was great to track nappies, sleep and feeds. Easy to select which side youre feeding off or how many oz with a bottle and an easy start/stop button for timing. When the midwife came it was so easy to look back on info that she needed. Ie how many feeds he's had in the last 24 hours, how many wet/soiled nappies has he been through etc
Can't wait to check these out, thanks heaps smile
I recommend Giggly!

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