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Help - skin problems/ bath products Rss


My lil man who is now nearly 3 months old has developed ecezma.

Just wondering what products other mums are using for this.

Also what products do you bath you baby in and wash there clothes in.

Its getting worse
Depends how bad it is, but I found QV helped my boy when he'd get it. I use the wash daily, just a small squirt, and after his bath rub QV cream on him where it was flared up (generally my boy was behind the knees & up his back.) You can get QV at pharmacies. smile
Thanks for all the replies

Im starting to get a bit up set at the situation sad his cheeks looks like there going to start bleeding and craddle cap looks very bad I feel like he looks unloved and in lots of pain.

We were using Gaia body wash when it started sad

Ive tried moo goo ( only for the last 48 hrs ) and i Cant decied if i think its getting worse or better it keeps comming up and then going down.

I changed my landry detergent 3 weeks ago and im wondering if that is the cause or if its just coinsidence. as of yesterday im using a baby one begining with A ( cant remember the name) for sensitive skin and babies..

The doc told us to get and over he counter cream however the chemist tell us that it cant go on his face as it could burn his skin and get in his eyes
Hi Cup Cakes,
I'm the mum who sells Arbonne. Do you have Facebook? If like my page and send me a message, I would love to try my best to help you out. I have before & after pics on my page of eczema that has been treated with Arbonne

Hi my step son and nephew both have it and we use believe it or not Amway LOC cleaning product! It seriously works. My aunt told me about it and thought she was nuts at first but it works better than chemist stuff and cheaper too!
bath products - aveeno or QV
and washing powder - aware smile
eringrayce wrote:
bath products - aveeno or QV
and washing powder - aware smile

I wouldn't be using Aveeno products. Johnson & Johnson's are in court over the formulations because they contain formaldehyde-donating preservatives amongst other horrible things.

If it's that raw and the skin is broken I would stick with plain olive oil. And for clothing I'd just wash in water, I don't think a 3 mth old would get that dirty that they need soap in their laundry smile
Hi girls,

I ended up having to rush him off to the doctors this avo after typing this as he completly broke out in a rash all over and his eyes where swelling up sad

3 weeks ago i changed our laundry powder as i couldnt get to the store that sells our normal one... and since then is when the ecezma started so yesterday i went and bought one the was ment for sensitive skin and babies. I washed his blanket in that today.. gave it to him after lunch and 2 hours later the rash started. so gave him a bath and it just got worse.

Doctor was unhelp full said it could be anything... also tried to tell me he was to young to be teething even though I know he is as I can see the teeth under the gums, hes drooling everywhere to the point of having to change him everyfew hours and is very grumpy...

So after i came home ive decided to go hunt down the original laundry powder i was using for the first 2 months of his life so i can at least rule that out
I only use soap every other wash - when I do it's either aveeno or QV.

We also use a plain sorbeline cream to help the skin.

My 3 week old developed eczema very badly all over head, neck and back. It was a possible reaction to dust. The Paediatrician advised to not use any soap based products as this will dry it out and aggravate it. we had to treat the area with a small amount of 1% steroid cream for 7 days and also the Paediatrician was adamant in applying moisturizer as often as possible to keep the area moist and avoid infection. We were recommended by several mums a natural product called moo goo eczema and psoriasis cream and it is brilliant. It has totally rid the eczema and prevented it from recurring and having to use the steroid cream again. We also use Burt's bees baby oil which is great.
We use QV gentle bath wash, Dermaveen moisturising lotion which can both be purchased from the chemist. I had to take her to the dr a few times to get medicated creams during her first summer as it flared up so bad I could not get it under control.

When my daughter was younger I found I had to avoid putting her in bonds wondersuits as it always got worse around her neck if she wore them, no idea why but it was really obvious it would aggravate it heaps. I made a big effort to dress her in only comfortable cotton clothing when it was particularly bad.

Only put a very small amount of washing powder in the washing machine if you really have to, but as others suggested I would probably try washing without any powder or every second wash and when you do use only a tiny amount and definitely not the recommended amount.

If you are breastfeeding look at your own diet. Are you eating anything new, having a lot of dairy?
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