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Help - skin problems/ bath products Rss

Thank you everyone for all the replies. He is doing a little better today thankfully as he has been a mess for days between teething, eczema and the reaction he had.

Ive started only using half the amount of laundry powder and Ive also started putting the baby paw paw cream i was using a while ago for nappy rash on and it does seem to be helping a little - its not as red

olive oil works really well you only need a tiny amount and it helped my daughter so much you can use it on the face aswell. washing powder eco store or aware also if you use softener make sure its one for babies. we used no soap in the bath as i found it only made it worse smile
You should always take care of your skin as it tends to create problems on it's own eventually. So, you better use something like Soap & Melt Clear/Transparent to prevent them from happening. I mean, you should do that even if you don't have them a lot.
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