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Have you used a Vantage Convertible Car Seat for your newborn? safe? Lock Rss

My partners sister bought one for us as a gift but it looks really flimsy, and has no inserts/padding for newborn, and to me just looks too big to put a newborn in. I have read that you should not put inserts into car seats that did not come with them so not too sure what to do, should i just roll some towels to put around bubs head when born? we can't really afford to get a new one (and would feel bad if she found out we did, don't want to be ungrateful) plus only a couple weeks to go before bub arrives.. so could be any time now.

This is the one she bought us, Vantage convertible car seat:
Haven't used one personally but I used a goldbug head rest insert in our capsule for ds1. It basically was a head rest but it clipped on over the straps.

If it is sold in AUS then it has to pass all the safety standards and if it says that it is suitable from birth than it 'SHOULD' be ok.

Looking at it, I personally wouldn't use it like that for a newborn yet I am very particular about carseats, but that's just me!

Maybe you could get your Baby Bonus organised prior to your babies birth so that as soon as it comes through, you could go and buy something that you are more comfortable with.

I'm guessing that it is open! If not, maybe you could take it back and upgrade it to a better one. Just tell your partners sister that there was a fault with the one she bought and when you took it back to replace it, they were out of stock for that model so you had to get a different model as you needed a carseat!

If she notices that is!

for a newborn id be inclined to buy a insert for bub for more support for around body and head, it looks like that model doesn't include one. But yes if sold in Australia it must meet aus safety requirements.

His sister had already put it on lay-buy not long after we told people... we didn't know which one she had bought until recently when she came down and bought it with her, so didn't really think any thing of it, until i seen it. We don't have a 2nd car, that would have been a good idea though.

Yes it is open, (she gave it to us open) and the other half has thrown the box away,

What i have read is that getting those insert things would breach the warranty on the carseats if an accident happens, but having nothing there for bub support does not sit well with me. The seat is HUGE!!
I was thinking this type of thing-

never heard that it could possibly void warranty?? cant see how it would affect useage of the seat??

I personally don't think it looks suitable for a newnborn. I spent a lot on a car seat, it was the one thing I didnt want to skimp on (we borrowed bassinet etc but bought a $400 carseat).
I would keep it for later and just hire a capsule for now. Tell her you went to get it installed and the installer recommended a capsule for the first 6 months. In NSW baby seats need to be professionally installed so I would just blame the installer so she doesn't get offended.

i had a little chat with the other half and he said if i think it would be better to have a capsule to do that, i had a squiz and yeah about $78 for 6 months, which isn't too bad really... You have to make an appointment to get it installed, but the closest place that does it is an hour away, so just working out when we can get there is the next thing (and not going into labour in the mean time tongue)
Your other half can probably even do it while you're in hospital!

That's what DF did with our first as he was so busy before bubs was born but as he had time off once she was born, he just went and did it one day while bubs and I were sleeping!

Amazon reviews are the best place to look for previous owners opinion on a car seat they are unbiased and people have actually used the product check out some reviews here
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