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Products to use for baby Lock Rss

i am looking at what products i should buy to use for my baby due in a few months - bath wash, barrier cream, etc.

i do not want to use Johnson and Johnson products.

I have been recommended mustala products; does anyone have any suggestions or have you used mustala and would recommend?
To start with i never used anything, i did start with the Johnson products cause i was clueless about them, used it for a week then changed to Gaia product's. Never used shampoo until she had a decent amount of hair to wash. Now though i use Grahams Shampoo and Conditioner and in her bath i use a Organic Coconut Oil.
I never bathed my kids are babies in anything other then water and now they are 2 and 4 and they use goats milk body wash about once a week. I washed their hair whenever it needed it (maybe once or twice a fortnight) with Gaia shampoo

Forever, for always and no matter what

They used mustala products in the hospital and they smelled beautiful but are pretty expensive. When I got home I stopped using anything as bubs skin was very dry. After a few weeks as she got stronger and her skin was ok I used gaia nighttime hair and body wash. Just a small amount. I think it will last me a year!
I use the gaia talc free powder in her nappy as it helps prevent her nappy rash, if she gets rashes sudocream works everytime.

I just use water in the bath - their skin is so naturally soft and perfect that it's all you need. No need for shampoo either.

For nappy rash if needed, organic coconut oil (from a health food shop) so cloth nappies don't lose absorbency.
I tried a few different things for my babies. What worked well for one didn't necessarily work for the other! I found a few organic oils which were lovely, couple drops in the bath just helped lock the moisture in and were great for baby massage. I agree that I didn't use much in the early stages. Quite like the Gaia & Eco now. Love MooGoo moisturiser and have been very happy with my organic sweet almond oil. Best value by far and Love it for me too!!
Rosie Mumma wrote:
I don't use anything for newborns at bath time- just water. For a barrier cream I mainly used paw paw if it was needed. I also had a Brauer nappy rash cream that was good.

Moo goo have some great natural stuff. And my DD now uses goats milk soap in her bath.

once they were a little older I used a cold pressed oil in the bath like almond oil and once older again I just used goats milk soap for both hair washing and skin. I used that until they were over 2. I occasionally used an essential oil in the bath as well.

even if babies don't have sensitive skin, the skin absorbs whatever you put on it. So if you use a product packed full of chemicals, that's what they will absorb. Whatever you use on your skin, you should be able to eat.
Salt baths (one handful in baby bath) work wonders for nappy rash - we have ditched all other bath washes etc. and they work better than standard nappy creams!

My partner swears by Penaten for stubborn nappy rash - expensive, but has serious antifungal properties, adults use it for dermatitis as well....
Arbonne is pure, safe and beneficial products very safe for babies. I can give you more details if you would like? The products are free from harsh chemicals and you only need small amounts.
Hi ladies thanks so much for your advice!

Would love some more info thanks Aaking01 smile
No worries would to help! My email is [email protected] if you send me an email il be able to assist you with more information on the Arbonne range. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Ali
Aaking01 wrote:
No worries would to help! My email is [email protected] if you send me an email il be able to assist you with more information on the Arbonne range. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Ali
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