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Routines newborn n older kids Lock Rss

I had my 3rd 4 days ago. Just wondering about how to get acc into a routine with my older kids?
No2 is really struggling with a new baby in the house not older two are fighting about everything. Neither go to kindy or anything.
I'm struggling with the lack of sleep so been letting them watch TV a fair bit.
They are 3 n 22 months. We live rurally n there's only 1 kindy here. I was thinking of putting my eldest in but it's a matter of getting there.
Thanks I just feel really nervey n abit anxious about it all.
I really should get my eldest into kindy. I think he would enjoy it. N I think he does get abit bored at home.
Hubby helps out quite abit taking the older two out in the farm n stuff.

I have a 9 week old (and a 20 month old) i have found with the new baby making sure I feed 3 hourly during the day in those first few weeks was a life saver - sometimes I had to use a wet flannel to keep him awake to have a good feed, but from about 2 weeks he has gone 6 hours a night, and now he does 8/9 hours a night.
I don't know about you, but for me I am awful with not enough sleep so it was really important for us to get night/day sorted early on smile
Hope this helps and def agree with others take up those free kindy hours! Maybe even persuade hubby to drop yr eldest off for you smile

I'm awful if I don't get much sleep too little egg.
He's been feeding every 1.5 to 2 hours. So hopefully will sleep well at night.
He's been doing about 4-6 hours at a time. Which is pretty good for a little guy.
It's abit hard for hubby to help with kindy pick ups n drop offs as he has to milk cows at those times.
I will definately put my little boy in kindy when he is old enough. It's not just easier for me but he will also enjoy it. Just remember how much you enjoyed being in kindy and playing with the other children! smile
I also have 3 kids they are 4,2&1 and we are expecting number 4. Routine is hard to establish with three young kids but you will get there. It just takes time. We don't use kinda or daycare I also manage while fulltime pumping breast milk. I found having activities ready before feeding bub and pumping made things much easier and also pre making lunches and dinner. With the fighting they are probably just challenging each other for more attention. With a new baby in the house they are probably feeling a little less love. I would make time to do a special activity with them. Even just reading a book or playing with block drawing a picture is a great way to spend one on one time with each of them. Also sticking to bed times and meal times helps keep the routine stick. Good luck
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