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Baby lotion and oil Lock Rss

Hi there,
I'm looking for advice about baby lotion and oils. It's very difficult to choose a good brand nowadays. There are a lot of brands in the shop but not of them are good enough.
I'm not a big fan of "all natural stuff" however I don't want to use lotion full of chemical ingredients for a baby.
Can you suggest some good brands? And what is better lotion or oil?
I use a lot of MooGoo products for my baby (and for me too). I use their nappy balm, bubbly wash and their eczema cream and sunscreen are really good too. If you have a sensitive baby then these would definitely be worth a try. I use the Gaia brand baby lotion for after-bath baby massages because I like the scent and while it does have a lavender-ish scent to help baby sleep it is not overpowering like some others.
Johnsons would probably be an obvious choice, I think it's one of the more popular brands, I use there baby bedtime lotion, top to toe bath, baby lotion, baby oil, baby shampoo + conditioner, they all smell really lovely and leave babys skin soft n moisturised.

Hiya. I didn't use any baby lotion or oils on my son. He simply didn't need them as he didn't suffer from dry skin. Maybe you could wait and see if your bub has dry skin before buying these type of products. I had a lot given to me and they are still sitting in the bathroom cupboard unused. My baby turns 5 years old tomorrow lol.

I used ecostore baby wash in his bath but that was it.

When my bub had dry skin as a newborn I just used olive oil. Worked well.

Now if he gets a rash I use whatever nappy rash cream I have around (usually sudocream).

I've never bothered with any lotions or anything. In his bath we use any "no more tears" type of soap (usually johnsons top to toe) and now he's a bit older he likes it to be bubble bath.
I am using Dermeze cream for my skin problems (dry skin) and I believe it is suitable for kids with sensitive skin, too.
Did you tried Burt's Bees Baby Lotion? I heard that it's great and it's natural. I'm still trying to get pregnant but I was reading a lot about baby's products and never found any bad comment about this lotion.
Gaia Skin Naturals baby massage oil is also the best oil for baby massage. You can also try it.

I use MADE OF brand baby lotion for my daughter and I love it. The brand's entire line of products are all natural and organic!
Yes, MADE OF is amazing. It is a new line or I think it is, but I noticed it is now in Target so I don't even have to order it online now. The baby lotion works well and all products are certified organic, tox-free, chemical-free, and even vegan.
I know that there are many new brands on the market that are both sensitive and good for skin, but I am still fascinated by the Johnson brand. They are amazing like they are made for me and my entire family! Actually, I am also using their shampoo to was my pets! smile
I used MADE OF organic moisturizing baby lotion. It is amazing and even helps my son's eczema.
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