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Severe bottom rash - UPDATE Lock Rss

My 5 week old son has the worst bottom rash I have ever seen. Nothing is helping. Hydrozole didn't change a thing. Kenacomb ointment hasn't worked either (after 2 tubes). I don't know what is wrong with my poor bubs bottom. I am BF. It started as raw broken skin around his anus which doctor believes is due to my overconsumption of citrus fruits however the rash has spread outwards to his bottom cheeks and genitals. It's horrific to look at I feel so helpless. I've just finished the 3rd tube of prescribed ointment, it shouldn't take this long. Nappy free time has helped however nappy goes back on and sores get worse again. Bub has very frequent liquid stools, about 8-10 dirty nappies each day. I was taking antibiotics in hospital, could this be the problem? Please help!!!!!!!!!!
Hi. My son had bad nappy rash too. I found two things helped.

Firstly as you said lots of nappy free time (and do some of it outside in the sun as the sun helps get rid of any fungal infections). I bought some plastic sheets and then which I'd put down and then lay those old style cloth nappies over the top (you can get them at target pretty cheap) and when he had bad nappy rash he'd often spend most of the day (pretty much whenever he was awake and at home) without a nappy on.

The other thing I found helped was using a huge amount of barrier cream. After using the medicated ointment I'd smear on a barrier (we used either vasolene or sudocream). The trick is to smear it on so thick that poo will never get through to touch his skin as that is what is burning/irritating it. You know you've put enough on when next time you change the nappy it's still there. Whenever he wore a nappy I'd do this. Don't stop doing this when the rash resolves as it prevents it from coming back.

Do lots of frequent nappy changes. 8-10 runny nappies a day sounds normal for a 5 week old if you're breastfeeding. My son would poo after every feed.

Good luck. Hope that helps. It will get better as his digestive system matures and he stops pooing so frequently.
Thanks so much for your reply, its hard to know what's normal and whether I'm doing the right thing. Poor little babies bottoms! I will persist with the nappy free time and start using a barrier cream again. Fingers crossed this will pass as his tummy gets stronger.

This question belongs in another topic but would you hold off until 8 weeks for his immunisations (instead of 6 weeks)? I've heard it can give bub the runs
I'm in Australia and the first lot of vaccinations are at 8 weeks (I'm guessing you're in NZ since you're doing them at 6 weeks).

I was told the rotavirus vaccination can give some babies runny poos. Didn't do anything to my son so wasn't a problem.

It's up to you. Probably wouldn't hurt waiting a week or so but I guess my thoughts are if his nappy rash is so bad you're thinking about delaying his vaccinations and its been going on for a couple of weeks you probably should go back to see your GP anyway about it (and can ask them what they think about vaccinations at the same time).

I'm pretty pro getting vaccinations done on time (and I pay to get more than just the free ones) so I'd be getting them if it were my son. But others might say differently.
Also forgot to say if my son was doing nappy free time I didn't use barrier cream as wanted the skin to dry out as much as possible. It was just when I put a nappy on I'd smear it on thickly.
I swear by nappy mate! Its a thick paste the seperates itself from the bum when liquids come in contact to keep it dry. My boy had nappy rash in hospital they tried sudo but then went to nappy mate and it worked wonders. I put it on when i know hes due for a poo and it helps protect it smile
Oh u poor luv & poor bub too.
My no•1 weapon to tackle this type of red raw nappy rash is Lucas Paw Paw Ointment. It works as an awesome barrier & as a great healing agent on chaff, cuts, sores, even the dreaded nappy rash.
I'm expecting my 3rd baby in 6 wks & I have 2 grown teenagers (14 yr age gap mind you) with one that had severe nappy rash & the other with bad eczema & the Paw Paw did wonders.
I tried over the counter creams, prescription ointments, but being such tender skin & at such a young age, I tried what you're doing & gave as much nappy free time as possible, with trying to keep the area dry (so hard when breast feeding I know) but I found that slapping on the Paw Paw, really protected that area from when the nappy being was either wet/soiled & seemed to give bub that relief from that awful soreness (it must be so painful for them-they just can't tell us in so many words!)
You're doing all the right things, medical advice etc, & being a mum can sometimes be just a bit of trial & error, there's not always a clear cut answer, & us mums are just doing the best we can.
I'm sure you will find a suitable remedy that will work wonders for you & bub, & before you know it, your bub will be nappy rash free!
Good luck ????????????
Hi ladies,
My son is now 20 mths and just recently started developing really bad nappy rash from certain wipes / nappy brands. We spent a couple of weeks working this out and haven't had nappy rash since sticking with just the brands of each that he isn't sensitive to.

Also some of my friend's kids (older ones) get really bad nappy rash when their little people eat certain foods (I know it may be a bit early). Tomatoes are really acidic and can cause some issues for some littlies...especially if eating them in the same meal as citrus!

I remember being really worried about stuff when my little one was that young but just do what you can do and keep trying other options if things aren't working. That's what being a good parent is all about smile
My son is 4 months and never had nappy rash. I put this down to using huggies nappies as they are made to prevent nappy rash, and alternating between sudocrem and johnsons baby powder every change.
This method has worked great for me. Also using water wipes too. No chemicals or perfumes in them. They are great and natural.

If you are using store bought wipes try not using any. DS1 had sensitive skin and would always develop nappy rash if we used wipes. We ended up using clothes and warm water most of the time and found this really helped.

My children have had sensitive skin.

If you find the right nappy (made of natural breathable material) and use water on vivo as wipes and barrier cream (zinc is usually the best).

Don't use any plastic type nappies or any nappies with creams or aloe vera or anything on them. Don't use dermatitis or hormone creams. Even people with dermatitis find they don't work.

Could be thrush. Then you can use Caneston or similar type of thrush cream.

You can tell if it is thrush because the zinc will spread it rather than reduce it.

PS I doubt very much the rash has anything to do with you eating citrus .
As I mentioned it was actually the little people eating citrus / tomato and not the parent. But also would be too young at this point for the little one to be having that issue as he's only 5 wks old.
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