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Help! Upset newborn Lock Rss

Anyone please offer advice! I have a 16 day old son who I am breastfeeding. He was in a slightly routine of every 3hr feeds at least a 10min feed on a breast if not twice. He was going to the toilet pee and pop and passing plenty wind.
But the last 3 days he has barely taken a 5min feed, very restless not settling at nights at all and looks in constant pain with wind tight back and stomach.
Tried tummy time, tummy rubs and baths? Any tips?
He has hit the age where something in your diet has caught up with him I would say. And, from experience, it's usually dairy in newborns. Try to cut it out completely from your diet and see if it helps. And I mean completely cut it out; even a little in a cup of tea is too much. Give it a few days - if dairy is the problem, you will see an improvement within a couple of days.
Ddon - thanks for your advice! Only dairy I have is soy milk with my cereal? He's the been able to go the bathroom and seems slightly better so hopefully just a stage he's gone through
I wouldn't worry about the duration of feeds. As long as he has plenty of wet nappies he's getting enough milk. He might just be getting more efficient at feeding or your let down might be getting quicker speeding up feeds. It's hard to tell how much goes in with breastfed babies so just make sure enough is coming out!

In regards to the upset tummy, it sounds like gas. Do lots of burping during and after feeds. One burp is often not enough. Often the have several if you keep trying. There's some good YouTube videos of different ways to burp babies (with my son I just burped him on my shoulder but with my daughter I learnt to do it holding her in my lap leaning forward and it was much more effective). A warmed cloth folded up and placed on their tummy before swaddling (after burping) can also help soothe them.

I've found both my babies went through gassy phases as newborns. They both grew out of it without finding the cause.
Thanks so much!!
No, soy milk isn't dairy, so we cant blame that then. The above advice is good. It is a difficult age i found. The tummies of babies take a while to sort themselves out, and there are lots of times when you are at a loss to know what to try next. It's trial and error, and then eventually they grow out of it.
Hi, all this Alexa, I am a carer of a newly born baby. So here to learn from you people. Thanks for sharing your valuable experience here. smile
My daughter was diagnosed with silent reflux at 8 weeks. she used to arch her back, cry while feeding, gulp, wet burp, CRY and CRY and CRY. Her pediatrician prescribed Prevacid and she was taking 7.5mg twice a day but it it caused with horrible constipation and it made our life more drastic. After stopping Prevacid, we started her on babies magic tea. After about 3 days she was a different baby!! She's now 5 months old and she still takes this tea in her expressed milk every day and is doing great!! We also found out she has a milk allergy so I had to eliminate dairy from my diet (I breastfeed). She had green poop which is a common symptom of a milk allergy.
Oh I hope she is better now! Where can I get this baby tea from?
Oh I hope she is better now! Where can I get this baby tea from?
Oh I hope she is better now! Where can I get this baby tea from?
Leanne_Muir88 wrote:
Oh I hope she is better now! Where can I get this baby tea from?

Oh sorry dear, I logged off so couldn't reply you in time. I found the tea on amazon. Here's the link
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