Once you get home from the hospital, it can feel daunting to imagine leaving the house with your newborn. However, it's important that you do so that you don't get cabin fever by being stuck at home all the time. Here are some top tips to get you started:

1. If you have a relative or friend ask them to come with you. You'll need help!
2. Start off small - if the weather is good, try a walk around the block.
3. If you have to bring your baby to the doctors, aim for the first appointment of the day when the waiting room is less crowded (less germs). Bring hand sanitizer with you (although many waiting rooms have their own).
4. Avoid taking your baby into public places where he / she may be exposed to germs until at least 6 weeks (when he has had his inoculations).
5. If you do venture out to an art gallery or museum, make the trip shorter than you usually would. Try just going for an hour and if you're going with a friend make sure they know that the visit will be shorter than usual.
6. If you have to travel by air, carry plenty of hand sanitizer, keep your baby covered whenever possible, and avoid direct contact with strangers. If you can, breastfeed or give her a bottle when you take off and land to relieve pressure on her ears. Book well in advance so that you can request a bassinet if traveling overseas.
7. Remember that babies need sun protection all year long. Try to keep him in the shade, dress him in a hat with a brim, and use sunscreen on any exposed skin.

How was your first trip out of the house with your newborn? Where did you go? What were some of the issues you encountered?