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hi everyone, i thought i already posted this but cant find it if i did!
my 3 month old always sleeps on one side of his head which is now flat, the nurse said it will stay like that, I try tummy time which he hates i put him on his side or move his head to the other side but it always ends up the same. has anyone experienced this & if so, did the flat area stay or go away?

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

hi. my son would only sleep on one side of his head also, for at least 3 months - i was told to try to make him sleep on the other side too, but he always ended up the same way by the end of his sleep!! in the end, i gave up trying to make him sleep on any particular side and by the time he was six months old his head had lost any trace of "flatness" - mind you, the clinic nurse told me i'd done a good job with it (i didn't tell her it had nothing to do with me). I think there is too much talk about flat spots - most babies have funny shaped heads to start out with, although i can't recall seeing any adults with "flat spots!" Don't worry too much, i'm sure it will work out fine smile
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