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When can I let family babysit? Lock Rss

Not sure if this is the right thread but.......

I have a question for all you already mums. I know this might sound selfish but when can me and hubby leave baby alone for an evening. We are looking at going to Robbie Williams on 13 December, the little one is due on 3 Nov so at worst case it will be at least 4 weeks old, but it could be 8 weeks old. I have many friends and family who will be itching to look after the little one for a couple of hours, so finding a baby sitter will not be difficult. My concern is that it is too early to leave the lil' one.

Any thoughts?



I can relate to your dilemma. I am a first time mum and my little girl is now 11 weeks old. Well it is my 30th birthday in a couple of weeks and my husband has organised a WHOLE weekend away so I am leaving her from Friday night until Sunday evening. I guess my feeling is that my family are happy to help me and I also need some time to myself sometimes too. And after is Robbie Williams!!! His concerts are great! I think if you are confident with who you are leaving your little one with, you are only a phone call away!!!
Hi there , I can also relate my baby boy is now 8 weeks old and I left him just for 3 and a half hrs when he was 6 weeks old with MY MUM as my hubby is back at work. I went to have a much needed facial after pregnancy etc and the whole time I was gone I just wanted to go home!! He was fine when I got home as he was alseep the whole time and he was with my mum but I missed him terribly..I didnt think I would be like that when I was pregnant....Gee how things change when you become a mum...I would buy the tickets to the concert but you may not want to go or you may go but not enjoy yourself!!! BUT it is ROBBIE and I have seen him before in concert and he is UNREAL!!
Buy the tickets as bub probably will not even no you have gone!!! Mine didnt!!

Mum 2 Brock 22/03/06 & Jenna 27/04/08.

Thank you all for your advice. I have also discussed with my doctor and she laughed at me. It looks like we will be buying tickets and I'll just see how I feel at the time. You are all right I don't know what I am going to be like, being first bub and all.
Thanks again,



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