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hand sucking??? Lock Rss

hi all!!!
needs some help. my 11 week old liitle boy Jordy as just started sucking is hand and then figuerd out that he can just suck his thumb. He does have a dummy but he only gets that when he is starting to get tierd. he only gets it when he goes to bed but now he dosent seem that interested in it as much as his hands. how can i get this habbit to stop? please help!!!!
Hi there , I have a 9 week old and he was sucking his thumb/fingers about an hour or so after he was born!!!! I didnt want this so gave him a dummy and as of last night/early morning he has started doing it again if and when he doesnt have his dummy!!
He only has his dummy also when he is tired and going to bed!!!

I am like you dont know what to do!!! My midwive who was at his birth said that he was probably doing that whilst inside me!!!!

Sorry I cant help!

Mum 2 Brock 22/03/06 & Jenna 27/04/08.

Hi Kaila, don't discourage this as it is actually him starting to learn hand eye coordination. It fine tunes his fine motor skills by learning to put his hand in his mouth. this is the basis for him then learning how to get a toy in his mouth, a bottle, then a spoon. It is natures way of teaching bubs this skill. So don't discourage start giving him toys to stick in there, I would wrap Theos hands around the toy to help. He is now 6 months old and still everyhting goes in the mouth!!!!
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