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Seborrheic Dermatitis ??? Lock Rss

Only last week I saw a few pimple like spots on my 7 week olds cheeks and chin which then turned into what looked like a rash but now it’s still rash like but it’s now become dry and a little scaly. She also seems to have dry skin around the bottom of her ears. I went to the GP and he said it was “Seborrheic Dermatitis” – has anyone heard of this before? He did say it was a hormonal thing and that’ll it’ll pass on it’s own. He said I could add sorborlene cream. Any advice or opinions?

I’m a first time mum so pls bare with me! smile

Christine - Olivia 8/04/06 & Christian 26/04/07

Hi Christine, I'm a first time mum too and am winging it every day!

I was on the Cetaphil website yesterday (where you can get free samples by the way) and it explained the different types of dermatitis. Go to

My baby also has dry skin on her face, and I've just noticed red dry patches on her elbows and belly. I'll try some of the cetaphil products and see what happens. My ped said to only use sorbolene as soap and moisturiser, although I don't think it moisturises THAT well. Last night I put a small amount of vaseline on her face and her skin feels nice and smooth this morning.

I have always had some type of dermatitis, so I was expecting it with Ava. Make sure you dress your baby in 100% cotton, don't let her get too hot, don't give her hot baths, and I've also been told to avoid eating certain things (can't remember what but I think tomatoes, strawberries - check on net), and moisturise lots.

Good luck smile

Mandy, and baby Ava May (born 02.03.06), Adelaide

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