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Newborn Nappies + 4.85kg baby = Wet thru??? Lock Rss

Hey all,

My little man was weighed on Tuesday and is 4.85kg. I've noticed in the past few days that he's wet thru the nappy to his clothes, not every time, but at least once in the day (has been at the same time each day - weird). Do you think that I should go up in nappy size? Or is it just that maybe the willy is shifting around or we're missing something???

Any advice from mums who've had boys would be appreciated.

Hi there,

Even though I don't have a boy I thought I would reply because our little ones are the same age and weight. I had Sophie in the infant size nappies when she was about 5-6 weeks. I find them a much better fit than the newborn size. I haven't had the problem with the nappies getting that full so I can't really say if the nappy size is the problem but I'd definately get the bigger size. The weight for the next size is 4-8kg so they will definately fit. You will need them eventually so if they are too big now they won't be in a week or two.


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Hi Jess,
I would go up a size too because then you can buy the ones designed for boys (if you are using Hu88ies anyway). Boys wet more to the front of the nappy so it doesn't take long for them to start leaking up the front especially if they have had a few big feeds. Also make sure the leak guards are pulled out properly around his legs.

My babies are all grown up sad

im shure ur doing it right, just want to give u a funny story.
im a new mum and my baby boy is 6 weeks.
when i didnt know how to put on a nappy my partner who is a male told me to have his penis up so it does not go in the poo. well he is a male so i beleived him. well half hour later i had to change my baby as he wet every thing. lucky i had the health nurse come visit, she told me the truth, that i had to have his penis down.
i cant beleive how silly i was.
now i dont ask my partner i just stuck to chick intuition.
My DD is 5 months old and she stills fits in newborn nappies. They do get full after a night but she is slim and tiny for her size so i am going to use them until they dont fit. I change her nappy almost as soon as she wets it as she cracks a mental if i dont and screams the house down, so as for now, i havent had a problem... except last night when she was leaking cos she did a poo when she woke up LOL grin grin It's so annoying they dont make infant (huggies) nappies in a box grrrr..........

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