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Hi everyone,

Just want to see what other mums are up to at this stage? My son is now nearly 10wks and we still have no pattern what so ever. There is no problem about his weight gain or health, but i seem to be going no where in the 4 hr feed thing.

He normally has one side for about 10mins and then is not interested in anything for at least an hour. Then the other side for about 8mins max.

I try everything to increase his feeds at one go but nothing works, his mouth is clenched shut. He finally has his 50th burp and will have some more.

I've tried infacol and infants friend, infants friend seems to help! I wrap him but nothing seems to make for any real pattern!

Whats everyone elses babies doing or done?
Thanks for reading!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m


I have a friend who has a baby like that. She feeds quickly for 10 minutes and then is happy doing whatever and will come back in an hour or so to finish off on the other side. Maybe he is a quick drinker but might get some extra wind with it. In the end I think that was her routine!


Hi Tepe,
I've found, as have many of my friends, that breast fed babies are up and down in their feeding habits. Some days they're wonderful and feed every 3 hrs and others they don't stop.
I had a 'text book' baby the first time except for the fact that I couldn't feed her so she was given breast milk in the bottle for 5 mths. It was hard expressing and feeding but totally worth it as we knew exactly how much she was getting and regulated her timing from there.
My second loved feeding but I just couldn't satisfy her. She was 10lb 11 1/2oz born and from the moment she came home we were giving her 50mL formula top ups after every feed as she believed that she hadn't been fed at all! By the time she was 6wks old we made the decision to put her on formula full time as it was getting too rediculous with a sad and vomitting child. As it turned out, she has reflux and formula was the best thing in her case.
From the start we also made the last feed of the day a formula one so we could get a better night's sleep. She would go every hour on the breast some days but the night feed of formula would satisfy her for 6-8hrs. It was pure heaven.
I know that "breast is best" but it's not worth it in my opinion if you have to go insane to the demands of a crying baby and you are restricted in doing even the simplest things such as going shopping. I personally found the change to formula didn't take away my bonding time with my babies but allowed my husband to feel wanted and to bond with both of our girls. It's actually wonderful as he does the night feeds now while I catch up on my sleep!
Formula or expressed breast milk will help you to see how much he is actually intaking and this may help you to moderate his feeding times. Try giving him a formula top up after each feed to see if it helps him to settle further and return your sanity.
I hope my suggestions help you out.

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hi Tepe, Just a thought, perhaps your milk is coming down fast? Maybe your little one is filling up during that 10 mins feed?A friend of mine went to a clinic where they weighed the baby before the feed and then weighed the baby after it. I think they had some sort of calculation to work out the milk measure to the difference in weight. Anyway it turned out her little one was getting a huge amount when she was feeding and she was only on the breast for around 10 mins. I wish that all babies would come with some sort of manual but as a friend of mine once said Yer right they are all so different just imagine how big the manual would be!!!!!!! So true.
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