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Watching TV Lock Rss

Hi all, i was just wondering whether any of you let your little ones watch TV? My dd is 12 weeks old and i sometimes put her in her bouncer and let her watch cartoons because of the colours. Is this good or bad?
hi pricep
One of our CHN said it was not good to let a child under 3 watch television but I dont agree.
my dd is 11 weeks old and sometimes in the morning I will sit her in the bouncer with the telly on, I watch Sunrise in the morning while I give the morning feed too, she sits there nice and quiet watching TV for a bit, gives me time to hang out a load of washing and have a quick shower.
I dont see this little bit of time doing anything detrimental to my babies development. Its up to you. smile
Hi there

Before I had my daughter I was very anti-TV for kids!!

As it turns out, the TV has taught her to count, say her alphabet, learn colors and shapes and has certainly opened up her world to new and interesting things... she is only 2 years old and I have been told my the MCHN that she is very advanced for her age!!

I am not saying that TV is the reason for this, but it has certainly not done any damage!!

I now have a six week old and he too sits in front of the TV in his bouncer occasionally - just watching the moving images and shapes...

Hope this makes you feel a little less guilty!!!!

Stacey, VIC Mother of 2

I have heard that some programs have editing that is too fast for babies. I think though that kids programs may be ok but I'm not sure. Ella loves Blues Clues which doesn't seem to have too fast editing.

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

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