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Hi, I have a baby who is now almost eight weeks old, although her adjusted age is two weeks. Luckily she is a really placid baby, and seems to be doing very well, after coming home at four weeks. Has anyone else had an early baby, and how does this affect their milestones- in some ways Lilly is doing the right things for her real age and in others shes a little behind her adjusted age. Also does anyone know where I can find information on premies on the net?
Hi lillysmum,
I had my little girl at 29 weeks (11 weeks early) and thank goodness shes perfect. I found that a lot of her milestones were met to her birthday age rather than her corrected age and others are way behind. I think if you work on her adjusted age and remember that times are just a guideline as all children develop different skills at different rates (premy or not). I haven't been able to locate much stuff on the net. Be grateful that you get to have your baby and get to know her for that much longer than everyone else. Best of Luck. I hope she continues to make great progress.

Fiona, NSW

HI, my oldest daughter was 8 weeks premie, and she has turned out fine. Like other babies she is advanced in some ways and slower in other ways. But if you have to take her to a health clinic every few months so they can do a progress report to make sure she is developing right for her age and they say something that she should be doing and isn't don't get upset over it. At age 2 they expected my Daughter to draw a straight line and know her colors. So don't get upset over it. All babies will grow in their own time.

karla, QLD, 2yo and 9mth girls

Hello Lillysmum,
I was just going through some old posts and remembered yours and wondered how your little miracle Lilly is going - well I trust.
Since my post last time I have found a website based in Australia for prems. the site is There are a couple of hundred members with wide ranging experiences of premies and they are really supportive. There is loads of information prem specific also.
Hope all is well
Jordys mum

Fiona, NSW


My friend had a prem baby at 27 weeks. He is 1 1/2 now and doing really well.

Only his communication and physical development ie walking is a bit behind. But according to the day he was born, everythig is up to date.

I heard that babies usually catch up to the "normal" growth development by the age of two.

All the best

2 Under 1

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