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Doesnt poo? Lock Rss

My neice is 9 weeks old. Yes a week older then my daughter, and she hasnt done a poo for 3 days. I've heard that there is a pressure point in the babies foot to rub so it makes do a poo? anyone know where it actually is??????

Karen - Jasmine 14/1/05 & Damon 31/1/07

is her baby breastfed or bottle fed??? my son would do like a pooo everytime he was fed till he was about 6 weeks old then i would only get a poo every 5 days. they will poo when there ready. but ide try a bit of brown sugar in boiled water and see if that helps otherwise i gave my son prune juice with water and that worked a treat but she will go alot.
its normal for breast fed to not go every day.

Karen if your niece is breastfed she can go up to 20 days without pooing, and still be considered fine, as long as she isn't trying to, but can't,
great conversations we have!
My baby boy was bottle fed, and always pooed every 3 days, and he has been fine with that,


Liam Evan, 2

is her infant breastfed or jug sustained??? my child would do like a pooo everytime he was sustained till he was around about a month and a half old then I would just get a crap at regular intervals. they will crap when there prepared. however, ide attempt a touch of darker sugar in bubbled water and check whether that helps else I gave my child prune juice with water and that worked a treat yet she will go alot.

its typical for bosom encouraged to not go each day.

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