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When do you bath your child? They say not to bath your child after a feed as they may vomit. But if i do it b4 a feed shes hungry and doesnt enjoy a bath. I give my child a bath after her last feed. So between 9.00 - 10.30 just depends. But the last acouple days when its time to sleep my daughter kicks and screams at me acouple times and just doesnt want to sleep. Does the bath wake her up?

Karen - Jasmine 14/1/05 & Damon 31/1/07

Hi there,

I could never manage to bath Riley when he was hungry either, so I have nearly always bathed him after eating and it has never caused him to be sick. I think that some babies may be a bit more sensitive than others. I also found that he is sometimes fresh and alert afterwards too!! I'm not sure about the kicking and screaming.... is it possible that she is over tired? smile

Linda - mum to Riley 13.04.04 (#2 Due 29.12.05)

Crikey, if they vomit they are going to vomit anyway regardless of what you do with them after a feed.

If you are concerned about vomit, try giving them half their feed, bathing then feeding the rest. I find my little man is always wanting a bit more after a bath anyway for some bizar reason. I could never bath him if he was hungry.

I tend to bath my son in the midmorning after his feed just before nap time as it makes him nice and sleepy.
Lots of people like to bath their babys at the end of the day, but I find Bradley (8 weeks) really enjoys his path in the morning. Depending on the weather and what we have planned for the day, sometimes he has his bath after his first feed in the morning (about 8.30am) or after his second feed at (about 12.30)
I feed him then lay him on his back on his rug to play while i fill up the bath and get things ready(about 15min) then i put him in the bath and wash him then play with him in the bath.
Sometimes he starts to cry at the end of it and i know he is ready for bed and other times i put him back down on his rug and wait for the tired signs.
Bradley dosent usually vomit while in the bath, but he has on the odd occasion.
Dont know if this is any help to you, but i think its nice to her about other mums days and ways.

Jane, SA, 5Wk baby boy

Hi well i bath my kids of a night my DD is 23mths and DS is 15wks i always bath my son at about 5:00pm every night normally after his feed my son also has reflux and vomits all the time but not once has he vomitted in the bath so i wouldnt be concerned about this happening. I think you ar ebetter to bath after they have had a feed as then they wont scream the whole time while in the bath just my thought anyway goodluck Nat.
G'day Karen, I bath my baby girl Charlie, (8 weeks) every second day, usually mid morning, I get her up and change her nappy when she is just starting to stir so that she is still calm (I put some johnson's baby bath time in the water, I believe it has a bit of lavender in it) I try to keep her calm and keep bath time reasonably short, unless she is quite content to stay in a little longer. I then rug her back up, give her a feed and she drifts back to sleep. Every now and then she might be unsettled with the idea but is generally fine.

Just for the record, Charlie has never vomited in the bath, but has had a couple of whizza's on the way out on the odd occasion.

Good Luck, Kris and Charlie

woohoo we did it!

I pop Emma in the shower with me or her father of an evening when we are ready for one. Normally between 6 - 7pm. She loves it. If the timing is right give her a feed and then down to bed. Fresh, relaxed and a full belly.

Do what's good for you!

Mother of Stunning Emma
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