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I was wondering if any of you might have some advice on how to help our little baby Charlie enjoy her tummy time, she absolutely hates it, but the health nurse keeps telling me to keep pushing her on to have it..!

Is thre a special way it should be done, or do all babie's dislike it?

Please help

Kris and baby Charlie (10 weeks)

woohoo we did it!

So far I haven't had any problems with this... we started Riley doing it just before he was 2 weeks and he absolutely loves it. Mind you he is really nosey so he can look around when he is like this and he just rolls over when he gets bored.
I don't think there is any special ways to do it, but the first few times we gave him tummy time was when he'd just gotten out of the bath or shower... so was nice and relaxed, and I'd give him a back massage.


Cheers, We will give it a try Roddena


woohoo we did it!

Hi There

I have tried baby Charlie with the tummy time again, as my health nurse is really pushing for it now, Charlie was kind of looking like a bit of a triangle, with feet and chest on the floor, but her torso was arched up...
Is this her way of trying to roll? Well anyway she persisted just for a little while and then just started screaming...

Any ideas???

woohoo we did it!

Hi there

I know they how much they stress it's really important. My son really hated it too and he hardly had any tummy time, but he was rolling at 4 1/2 months and crawled at about 7 months. He always had a strong neck anyway - he could hold his head up from when he was newborn. So I would say not to stress too much about it. If she's already arching her torso off the floor she sounds pretty strong already. She'll probably be rolling pretty soon. One nurse suggested to me to put my son on my chest for tummy time as he might find it a bit more enjoyable. Hope this helps.

Hi Everyone (for the very first time!)

My experience this week has been that by placing a small-ish mirror beside DD, she's enjoyed tummy time alot more! (I guess she's distracted by looking in the mirror)...

CJ, NSW, 1 month old baby girl

Thanks for your replies,

I will try your suggestions and see if we have a more enjoyable experience with our tummy time

Cheers, Kris

woohoo we did it!


i have a play mat with a miror on it and my dughter loves being on her stomach supported by her arms, looking into the mirror, its really cute as evry now and then you can watch her try and eat the mirror.

Aimee, 4 year old princess

Thanks for your reply,

Charlie's play mat also has a mirror, we tried putting her on it again, but she still hates it.

We also tried to idea that was suggested putting her on our chest, that did'nt work either!!!

I don't know?

Thanks again, Kris

woohoo we did it!

Sorry to hear that the mirror isn't helping!

A couple of other suggestions are to get down on the floor close to your little one & offer some support...
Also, maybe use the tv or some other distraction, so they're not so focused on being on their tummy.

Just to clarify, the mirror on the playgym seems a bit small to entertain my DD, so I use a slightly larger one, around 10-12cm size.

All the best


CJ, NSW, 1 month old baby girl

Hi Kris..
Isabella had the same problem, no matter what we did to get her to stay on her tummy she hated it and cried all the time, so we gave up. When she learnt to roll from back to tummy it was all ok. No problems and she was happy all the time when on her tummy. Im sure your little one will will be fine with it in her own time.

Good luck!!

nsw...5 1/2 month old boy....4yr old girl

Thankyou guys,

I'm thinking that I will let Charlie get her tummy time when she is ready.

She is quite strong in the neck anyway, in fact when we put her in the baby bouncer (the kind that we probably used when we were little), well just over the last couple of days she has been lifting her head right up.

Charlie does'nt seem to like laying down anymore, unless she is feeling a little sleepy of course.

Well thanks again, I may try her again in a couple of weeks to see how she likes it, she has not yet rolled, but all in good time!!! lol


woohoo we did it!

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