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My son was born healthy in every aspect, he had a growth on his chin about 1cm long, everyone said it looked like a little finger pointing at you it was just extra skin and tissue. None of the doctors could tell us how it got there. We looked on the internet for information but couldnt find any. Most children are born with them on their ears and can be cortarised off. My sons had a blood supply to it. Everyone that saw him said what a cute baby whats that thing on his chin. I used to get upset beacause Id made this amazing baby and people were commenting on his apperance. He was booked in for surgery and handled better than I did. I was a nervous wreck my little boy only 9 weeks old going under general. He now has a little scar about 1cm long on his chin and coping very well.
You sound like a very brave women to listen to peoples comment. It has been an interesting learning curve for me as a first time mum hearing people make comments about my new little creation. It amazes me what people say, gee she's got a big forehead etc. I'm sure your experience has mades you a stronger mother and your wonderful little boy won't ever remember anything about it
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