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My baby is 9 weeks old and seems to have started teething.
His gums are inflamed and very sore. But it's not the front top or bottom . It seems to be his eye teeth.
I don't think he is going to cut any teeth but he seems to be in alot of pain when he feeds and is constantly gnawing away on his fist or anything he can get near his mouth. like his dummy.

Has anyone else had their lil bub start teething at such an early age?

my 5 y.o. cut his first tooth at 4 months and had finished teething by the time he was 12 months old.
My Baby girl is 3 1/2 months and is now starting to what i think teeth her gums are sore and she also gnaws on her fist my finger and her dummy crying lots and unsettled i give her baby panadol and i no ur not supposed to use bonjela till 4 mths but i apply the smallest amount to were the gums are red using together helps most mums i know do use these products together even though the pack says not to. but sometimes thaey need it good luck and try and get enough sleep

Liby mum for my almost 1 yr old 14/1/03 ashleigh

Hi. My 6mth old cut two teeth (the bottom teeth) at 4mths. He too was constantly gnawing away from about 8 weeks. When they came through he was not as bad. Although he has just started teething again. I think we as mums have to grin and bare it ;.)

Renae, VIC

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