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Warm Wipes Rss

Does anyone know how wipes can be kept warm for winter?


I'd love to know too as it seems so horrible to put cold wet wipes on their little butts!!

Mum to Caitlin & Owain

I have often wondered about this too!!! Maybe there is an invention waiting to be discovered!! smile

Linda - mum to Riley 13.04.04 (#2 Due 29.12.05)

when I need wipes in winter,
I just warm them in my hands, or use a washer that has been in warm water,

believe it or not there are actually wipe warmers, available on EBay! U.S, of course!


Liam Evan, 2

I wish they were available here. Someone needs to talk to the people at huggies and tell them to get their act together and make them available, millions of tiny bottoms will be happy.


maybe you could microwave them?? hehe

mum to bayden 25/02/05

I tried microwaving them and the Ben came into the kitchen and said "what are you doing?" and when he saw the wipes cooking he laughed and said we can't use the microwave anymore for a while because the steam that came off them might poison our food. So this morning I couldn't have my oats. :0(


Tali, smile

what's the poison in them that would make someone sick, I wonder?


Liam Evan, 2

Just read the list of ingredients in the J&J baby wipes.

Polsorbate-20: is the stuff used in 'tear free' baby shampoos. It is actually used as a numbing agent by dentists and doctors. Polysorbate actually numbs the eyes so that they arn't hurt by the other harsh chemicals that are in the shampoo. Ironically, it can cause irritation in the eyes!

Phenoxyethanol: is an aromatic alcohol used as a preservative in cosmetics.

Propylene Glycol: is a clear liquid used in antifreeze solutions. It also helps form the base for our deodorants and anti-perspirants.

Glyceryl Stearate: is made from hardened vegitable oil.

Cetylpyridinium Chloride: is an antiseptic to stop bacteria.

Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate: has been used for years as a fungicide and bactericide for wood and paint preservation.

Bit scary I know..... Obviously the amounts of these ingredients are small and are permitted to be used on babies skin. But still, its something to think about.........

I'm personally concerned about the stuff that makes 'tearless shampoos.' They arn't tearless, they just have stuff in them that numbs your eyes so that you cant feel the sting from the chemicals..

Laneisa, QLD, 5 kids + baby Flynn 24/02/05

Laneisa Thats incredible! thanks for that info. Very concerning about Polsorbate-20. I love shampooing Kailee's head fluff, even though she doesn't need it..I just love the smell of her little head afterwards. When does shampooing become necessary, I wonder? how often do you guys shampoo your kids?

I bought a J&J no more tears shampoo in the large bottle and I only use like a drop every second day, and we use the J&J bath soap thats in the blue bottle.

I wonder if it makes a difference if tear ducts haven't been developed and these chemicals can cause serious damage.. I don't know.. what do you think?


Oh and guess what? I found 57 wipe warmers available in the US on ebay and I've put a bid on one. It will end up costing heaps but I don't care, Kailee is worth it. (and Ben's paying hehe) can't wait to get it. I'll tell you guys if it was worth it.



wow!, where did you get all that information from,?...I have often wondered what's in those wipes,
I don't use them very often, and instead use Peet sorbolene on a tissue which is great in winter when it's cold,


Liam Evan, 2

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