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hi there my name is shannon and my little man is doing good now we have one more operation to go and then that is it i hope.
I am haveing trouble with the fact that he turn one in 4 months and he is still in mostly 0000 but is in some 000,it is so scary.I feel like bi!@h most of the time cause i wont let any one hold or feed,my husband is the same.We are just so scared that he will get hurt ,i know it wouldn't be on purpose but i just cant and i think everyone understands.well if there is any one out there going through the same thing let me know cause a lot of my friends dont understand or realize what it is like .


Hi Shannon
I have a daughter she was born at 23.2 weeks 450 grams. She came home at 5 months old weighing 1.89kg. She was around 5kg at 12 months old. I didn't let anyone hold her mainly due to health reason I didn't want to risk her getting sick. A lot of friends and relatives unfortunately don't understand how precious they are and how easy it is for them to get sick and re-admitted to hospital.
I pretty much had to check people for the 1st 1 1/2 - 2 years to make sure they didn't have any colds etc when they came near her. She's now 3.5 years old and 10.5kg, she still fits into size 0 long pants. It is difficult but it does eventually get easier and you be able too slowly relax. Take care. Congratulations of your little man doing so well.


Mum to Brooke 23.2 weeks, 450 grams now 3.5 yrs

Hi Shannon and Kath.

Just wanted to say Hi and congrats on getting through the whole premmie thing.
I had my baby girl on Feb 20. She was 26weeks. She is still in the hospital and it seems like it will always be that way. She is wonderful and healthy but obviously small and immature. She was 915g born. I can't wait till she is finally home. I'm sure you know the feeling smile

Fran xx

hi, i had my little boy 7 weeks early, an i wouldn't let anybody near him, he had 2 stay in hospital for 3 weeks an i kept making excuses why nobody could visit him. i was already a mum of 2. when he came out i just used to sit here with him an not let anybody do anything for us. my mother in law keeps telling me i wrapped him up in a little cocoon.. he is 3 now an i've had another baby since then, but i wasn't like that with her an she was a little over due...........
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