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Tips for painful wind? Lock Rss

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Try some of these things to help-

Place a warm folded cloth nappy on bubs tummy- warm in drier. The warmth will ease pain - just keep a close eye on how warm it is.

Push bubs legs up to her tummy bending the knees. This can help get wind out and relieve pain.

Baby massage can help som bubs settle

Dummy- can be a lifesaver to help settle bub. My daughter prefers sucking on my little finger when she has wind. Just make sure your nails are clean and cut really short.

Lie bub on her tummy either on the floor or lengthwise on your arm- the pressure on her tummy will be comforting and may help bring up wind.

Try burping more often during a feed to try and help stop build up of wind

Give plenty of cuddles- I usually lie in our recliner with bub on her tummy- laying on top of me patting/rubbing her back. Swaddling her also helps calm my bub.

It is soooooo heartbreaking to listen to your baby crying and seeing them in obvious pain. I am so glad it doesn't last forever. Good luck with finding something that works for your bub.
My son had bad wind and it got to a point he would just scream it made me cry so i was told about gripe water. you give 5mls to a bub before a feed or after.( we found that when ever gibson got wind be it in the middle of the day or night or after a feed ot before a feed we gave it to him) he would bring up the biggest burp and then he would go to sleep.

You can get gripe water from a chemist and it can be taken from birth.

hope this can help you the way it did for me.

lette: Gibson Oliver 17/9/06 Marshall 22/3/08

INFACOL - it worked a treat for my son who for a while there just screamed and screamed. I give him 0.2ml before every feed (or mix in with his bottle if you are bottle feeding). He was miserable from the time we got him home until 6wks old when the doc suggested the infacol. Ever since my guy sleeps at least 8 hours at night, often 10 hours.

I did baby massage with madison and found this was a gondsend. Not only was it a really bonding experience it really helped with her wind.

I also, used to put her on her tummy alot with no nappy, so she could kick and move about 9as much as could manage!) without any restrictions. I found this helped a great deal aswell.

When she got a bit older (about3-4 months) we also used Infants Friend. We tried all the wind medications you can purchuse at the pharmacy but found this one worked the best. We even got our first full nights sleep after she took soom! smile

Also, apprently its better for digestion for bub's to sleep on their sides or tummys. So maybe give her lots of tummy time during the day to build up that head/neck control so you will feel comfertable with her sleeping on her tummy. When Madison started doing this (around 4 months i think) she selpt so much better and now always sleeps on her tummy.

Hope this helps a bit, good luck smile

Mum 2 Madison 2 & Lucas 7 months

I was having the same conversation with my hubby just last night! I was telling him, with our daughter if the burp doesnt happen straight away or in around a minute then you have to change positions. My daughter is now 6months and it still happens from time to time but at least now we have been able to get it out a lot quicker because she wiggles around and helps her self to get it out as well as us giving her the pat on the back or the rub.
hope this is some help - but i would seriously try different positions and work out which one works for you. we used to have to put our son laying over our lap facing head down and give him a gentle tap on the back. Goodluck,
x -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hey Mummamia,

My 1st daughter suffered with severe colic but, didnt get it until she was 4 months old. My 2nd daughter also suffered with cloic when she was a month old but, luckly only lasted for around a month. I completely understand what you are going through. It is so upsetting to see your little one go through so much pain.
The warm bath definetly helped my girls, I would massage there stomach while they were in there.
I would also lay them on a pillow on there belly and pat there back, apparently if they are on there belly and there legs are free to move it helps them to bring up the wind. I also had 'Infacol drops'. I would put it in there bottles and it helped alot. A child health nurse also said to give them brown sugar water (usually used for consipataion) but, it helps to bring up the wind also. A drive also does the trick too.

I hope things start to get better, its so hard, I know.
Good Luck


Sarah, QLD- 3 ADorAbLe Daughters!!

If you aren't against medication, you can go to the chemist and buy infants friend. It is what my doctor recommended for Jack. He has really bad wind/colic for the past 1.5weeks. He is only 3.5weeks old now. It is one of the medicines you can you in kids under 1 month old. You could try gripe water also. I found this didn't work for me.

I found that nothing I did helped get his wind up. But now if he has infants friend before bf, 9 times out of 10 he will burp after a feed.

Good luck.

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Hi there is a medication called donalix it is the best thing i have every used to colic its just from the chemist...

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