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how to shower her??? Lock Rss

i want to start showering my 3 month old girl but dont know what to do. do you put her head under the water or sit on the floor with her? does she like water spraying in her face and could she drown? and will she close her eyes under the water or not? help please...

mother of alexandra,born 22-3 05

Leona - I tried my first shower with jacob last friday. It wasn't much of a success in terms of actually cleaning as hubbie was at work and it was more of an "experience" for him. I found he whimpered throughout but still held his arm/hand out to experience the "flow" of water. I didn't put his face to the spray of water only his back and legs and tummy.

I think I'll wait another month until he's 6 and a half months before I try again and will make sure its a night when hubbie is on hand as well.
I have been showering with our boy (now 8 weeks old) since he was 5 weeks. I hold him firmly in one arm around his legs under his bum, against my chest and use my other hand to lather him with his baby bath stuff. He likes to have his head in the water but if he didn't like it I would never force the issue. Before and after the shower I rest him in a towel in our portable baby bath as he is safe and secure in there while I get undressed/dressed etc.. good luck and I hope you shower experiences are joyful and fun!!

The ages of my other miracles first shower:
Miss 8 - 11wks old
Miss 2 - 9 wks old

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