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green poo and yellow poo Lock Rss

My breastfed 7 wk old baby alternatively does big green and yellow poos. Does anyone know why?


the greener poos, more than likely have more iron in them, so they must be the days when your baby is getting more iron than it needs,


Liam Evan, 2

Hi Louise,

My Little one is 9 mths now, but i remember having this question for the clinic when i went back when he was 3mths as i too was concerned, and it is very common to have diff coloured poo, for me as i was breastfeeding and giving him formula at night, this was the reason his poo was yellow and green (ie: green was from formula and yellow was from breastmilk).

Also, it is due to the iron levels in the milk that is causing the colour change.

U have nothing to worry about.
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