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Bleeding belly button... Lock Rss

Hello everyone out there!
My little treasure is only 1 week old. This morning when I was changing his nappy he managed to knock his umbilical cord "stump" with his knee and now it is bleeding and looks as though it might fall off! There is not a lot of blood and he does not seem at all bothred by it - but I am!
Has anyone had anything like this happen? Is it normal? We have our first Doctors appointment tommorrow, but should I be worried today?
Any addvice is greatly appreciated!
Just make sure you mention it to the doc. But you should also bath it either in saline water and a cotton bud or just in some boiled water, use a new cotton bud after each wipe.

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

its fine dont panic it just means the cord is starting to come off.....

Rochelle, mother of 2

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