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Bllocked Tear Duct? Lock Rss

Hello has anyone had any experience with a baby with this? Ryley had been treated for conjunctivitis as his eye kept going all yucky, swelling up and sticking together. He first had eye drops and we were told to keep cleaning it with saline but as this didnt fix it after a week of using the drops they did a swab and it come back as not reacting to penicillin so we had to stop the drops and give him oral antibiotics. This worked for a week but it then came back. We still continued to clean it with saline. So they gave us some more antibiotics and to keep using the saline and said it was a blocked tear duct which normally heals within 6 to 8 months but if not they will operate if not fixed by 12 months. Any way for a week his eye was great but then it swelled up like he had been punched and became all red, sore and inflammed. They said it was from the blocked tear duct and at this stage there was nothing that could be done and to keep using the saline to clean it out. After a few days with his eye looking absolutely feral I took him back to the Drs saying something has to be done as I was worried this could affect his eye sight. They did another swab which showed he had an infection in his eye which was a staph which you would normally get on your skin but not your eye. Due to this they said they thought they may have contaminated the sample and accidently touched his skin picking up this infection and as I was seeing our paediatrician in a few days for his reflux to see him about his eye as well. The paediatrician said it looked like a staph infection to him and gave us some cream which seemed to work over night. His eye is looking much better however it still weeps clear liquid and gets a discharge in the corner of his eye. The whole time his eye has weeped the clear stuff and it is worse when he has been in the sun. We are still using the saline to clean it out which we have been told to do.

What I would like to know is we have spoken to a few people who have said their baby also had a blocked tear duct and they also had to use the saline to clean it out. But we have not asked how much discharge is normal and did their eye still weep with the clear liquid. We can believe the extreme discharge like conjunctivitis is normal as surely it is not. We can imagine the eye would have some sort of discharge like sleep in the eye but not an eye that needs to be cleaned every 15 to 20 mins. Any information would be great.


Sorry the above should read Blocked Tear Duct. I should not try to do 5 things at once....

I have twins boy and girl my sons doesn't have blocked ducts but my daughter also has blocked tear ducts she is 5 months old now and her eyes are always weeping all the time. I also have to wipe them every 10 to 15 mins all day but by the end of the day her eyes are red and sore from wiping them all the time. I also was told there is nothing they can do until 12mnths old, but some days her eyes look so sore, they are always stuck together when she wakes up with lots of mucus in the corner of her eye. I have been massaging the corner of her eye like the paediatrician said to do but his makes no difference i don't know what else to do.

p.s does everyone that sees you son in the street say they have been crying, i am sick of explaining to people that she has block tear ducts not crying, then they want to know what that is.


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