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Coloxyl Drops Lock Rss

On weaning my 5 week old daughter from breast to formula milk ( S26) she became painfully constipated. I was told to give her coloxyl drops at the time. She is now 7 weeks old and I still find that i have to use them as she is straining and appears to be in pain. I dont want to use the drops all the time but find it is the only solution.
She is also drinking plenty of water but to know avail... Suggestions would be appreciated
i found that 5ml of prune juice in 25ml of water worked wonders with my little boy and it was far more natural. Water must be boiled and bottle sterilised. Other suggestions are half a teaspoon of soft brown sugar for one bottle only in normal formula and wait. It could take upto three days to see the benefits. I was more comfortable to try prune juice first as brown sugar often could lead to diabetes. I also suggest you see a doctor if it continues after a week. Good Luck.

Kelly, NZ, 3mnth baby

Hi , my son is nearlly 5 weeks and he is very constipated. I was giving him brown sugar but I had to give him 2 bottles of brown sugar as it wasnt working...Im also afraid of diabetes
. So I tried Coloxyl drops 2 days ago and he seems to get in more pain after I give him the drops.. .So (I only gave him the drops once a day for the past two days)..Is this normal??..
Hi Trace,

I had the same problem with my 6 week old daughter and was getting quite worried when water wouldnt work. I spoke a lady at the chemist and she put me onto a product called "Infants Friend". You can start using it from about 4 weeks on.

It is wonderful for constipation, although it takes a day to work. It has a wonderful side effect also, it makes wind easier to bring up!!. This has no alcohol, and is made from natural products so I find myself very confident in using it. I find that using natural products generally gives you a little leaway with the dosage, so you can use a little more or a little less if needed.

Hope this helps,
Debbi, NSW

Debbi,NSW, Mum to Krystal (3) and Hayley (2mth)

Hi there, Coloxyl drops are a laxative and have the same effect that laxettes would have on you -those griping tummy be careful on how long and often you use them...I once had a customer use these drops in every bottle for 4 days and could not understand why the baby was screaming....the diluted prune juice (heinz make a baby one) or the infants friend work alot better and the infants friend also helps with wind ect and is herbal should be called mummies friend because it is great. Also if you put bubby on a protected surface lift up the legs like you were going to change a nappy and squeeze a flannel of warm water onto their bottom they will help them heaps wary though it will make them pooh...i little trick passed onto me by another expert mummy!

Ally, Lachlans mummie, WA ,11wks

Hi everyone,

I just stuck my six week daughter on coloxyl drops because nothing else was working. She is now having no problems (touch wood). My step sister used infants friend and it worked for her too. There's also colic relief from brauer which helps also to loosen the bowel motions.


Mirabi 28/11/03

mirabi 28/11/03

Try Nestles NAN easy to digest formula, it helped my daughter who had the same problem. It is a bit expensive but does the job.

Amanda, WA, 3mth Girl

I agree with Jadesmum. Daniel was constipated at 4 days old on s26 - lactulose, water, brown sugar...they all JUST kept him going and I mean JUST. A change of formula did the trick - the clinic nurse said that NAN 1 is the gentlest formula on their little systems. After a few weeks on it he did get a little unsettled so we put him on "Karicare from birth" and he pooed just the same. In hindsight it probably wasn't the NAN 1 that unsettled was just that "unsettled period" that they go through.

Sophie and Daniel's Mum - Tassie

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