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wind/colic Lock Rss

hi people. i have a newborn boy, one month next tuesday, he gets real bad wind, both ends! and often wakes screaming shortly after a feed. i breastfeed with a nipple shield cause am bit flat but it makes milk flow too fast. think might be a bit of colic too. his worst time is between 11pm and 2am so as u can imagine am not getting much sleep and desperate for a solution. am using infacol and infants friend, have made slight difference but poor thing still suffers. anyone got any suggestion?
Hi ausmum, I've heard of other mums laying down when they feed so the flow doesn't hit them so fast, they have to work a bit to get the milk and apparently helps the wind situation. Worth a try at home but not so good in public!!
My girlfriend had great success with infant massage. Your community nurse can probably direct you to a course.


Do you burp him during his feed? That's what i was told to do between breasts. I am bottle feeding now though (i only breastfed for 1 week and a half and my milk supply just dried up because my bub has always slept from 10pm to 5am) and got told to use Infacol too.

It's unusual to have soo much wind from breastfeeding. Do try laying down to limit the flow, or breastfeed without the shield. I had flat nipples and still was able to breastfeed normally, it is just harder to put bub on, but once they are on, they draw the nipple out a bit anyway.

Good luck ausmum.
Hi there!

I found it was all in the attachment. It is hard those first few months breastfeeding isn't it? I would squeeze my nipple down sort of drawing it out for Georgia (now 14weeks) to latch on to. I found once she was sucking she would draw in as much as she needed.

Due to very sore breasts in my first month I would get hubby to hold Georgia's little hands away from my breast so I could latch her on. But squeezing down definately helped!

Have you heard of baby Yoga?
My daughter gets pretty bad wind and my sister taught me some baby Yoga that is good for helping with wind.
What you do is you lie Bub down on their back and grab their feet and move their legs in a circular motion (sort of what the nurses do when they check the babies hips when firstborn, but less violent!)
It helps with my little girl, so it might help you too.

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