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Formula and Constipation Lock Rss


I am a first time mum to Jennah 2 1/2 weeks old. I began to breast feed but had to put her on forumla at 1 week of age. I am using Karicare Gold as it was recommended to me by my sister. Jennah has been constipated since putting her on the formula a week and a half ago, she also seems to be very unsettled at night time and wakes more often. I think she may also have bad wind she will burp sometimes and pops off a bit. We have tried the brown sugar and water but it didnt seem to help. And I wasnt keen on giving her that much sugar. After taking her to the doctors yesterday we have started using Coloxyl Drops. After reading many of the other replies I am now very unsure weather to keep using the drops and weather to try a different formula or not !! Can anyone help with any suggestions, I am not keen on S26 either.
Every baby is different and will react differently to formulas! My son was on S-26 and I had no troubles but my daughter now 4 months seemed to get a bit constipated with it so I put her on Karicare Gold and it has been great with her! If you want, just try the S-26, it may agree, it may not but you won't know till you try it first! My sister-in-law's bub, who is 4 weeks old, had a bit of wind too and she used Infants Friend and said it was great! Hope I have been of some help to you!

Best wishes

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi Jennah`s mum
We had this unsetting time its yuck!!! Brown sugar in with the formula break the feeding, half the bottle and then burp.
Fennel tablet were my saving 2 day after taking them everyone was sleeping, burp and the other.
I had to check with the midwife about the fennel tablets but after that, we had a very happy family
Hope that helps
Good luck

janie NZ 4year and 2year

Hi Bron

I have a seven week old and I have been battling the consitpation and formula issues too. We have our son on Heinz after going through S26 and Soya based formulas to try and relieve our very distressed baby. We have since found a herbal based drop called Infants friend which help with not only the constipation but also any wind and general unsettledness he was suffering from the build up in his bowels. He is so much happier. I use the drops with each formula. Hopes this helps....Let me know id it helps you as much as it did me

Michelle - Mum to Bridgett (4yrs) & William (7Wks)

Both my boys were a bit windy and constipated after and moving to formula. I too use s 26 (son no. 1 on s26 ar, no. 2 on s26). My health nurse suggested the brown sugar and water but I was unhappy with the sugar bit, so just went with boiled water, cooled of course!. I found that they only needed just a little bit and this eased the situation. Infants friend was always in the fridge for my first born who also had terrible wind for the first 3 months. second son only needs it occasionally. Hope you find something from these experiences. Good luck.
Hi, I have a 2 yr old girl and 11 week old boy which were both constipated using the Karicare gold, so I changed to Lactogen formula in which they both brought up their wind better and started having bowel movements every day, I did also use the brown sugar and water and didn't find it worked that much and I also used coloxyl drops when i first put them onto the lactogen. And as for wind I found Marina has worked for both of my kids very well. Just see how you go and good luck.

Joanne, QLD, lara - 25/2/02, zac - 11/1/04

i have the same problem with my little midwife suggested this....

in a cup of water, boil a prune, and give your baby a teaspoon of it...dont do it everyday, like 2-3 times a week and it helps to loosen things up. if it makes your baby get diorreha stop doing it.
otherwise i also find that holding his legs, bent up towards his stomach helps him to push it out...good luck.

sarah (20), damian (20), thomas (5wks) Auckland NZ

hey bron
my bubs like mum78 is on s26 she started on gold but was sick all the time so now she is just on normal s26 and we have no promblems at all... she has serve reflux. its all try and error.....

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

I am also a first time mum to Ethan who was born early at 32 weeks. Ethan is on Karicare Gold. Initially he was ok but of late he has become constipated too much. We took him to emerg and they gave him some oral drops and a gel to help ease the consipation. They also prescribed some oral drops for me to give him every day for the constipation. I haven't tried the drops as I prefer cooled boiled water and apple juice. I have given Ethan cooled boiled water and apple juice but its been 2 days now and he hasn't been. I am a bit concerned. Ethan passes a lot of wind and is fairly unsettled. After his feed he sleeps for 30 minutes but wakes up when he passes wind which I am assuming is painful as he cries a lot. It takes a long time for Ethan to go back to sleep after this. This happens during the day. Ethan sleeps very well in the night which is a bit surprising to me.

I have tried giving Ethan warm baths and rubbing the tummy in a clock wise motion. I have tried apple juice and also holding his legs and making him pretend that he was cycling.

Someone even said that I should try squeezing a couple of sultanas and putting 1-2 drops in Ethan's mouth. All this has not worked and I am at the end of my tether.

I am thinking of changing the formula to Nestle Nan, but before that would like to hear from other mums that are using Nestle.

I was reading the other posts and was wondering if Infants friend could help in any way. Are they oral drops and are they available at a pharmacy? What are they used for?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Bron

My daughter was on s-26 gold till she started getting constipated my mum went to a local chemist for advice they suggeted changing her formula to amcal brand and if that didnt work to try heinz but i found that the amcal brand work

Hi there...

My Laura is 14 weeks now and is on Karicare infant-whey dominant formula. she takes 165mls 4hourly. Laura is getting constipated & lots of crying when trying to do a poo. My clinic nurse suggested adding 5mls of Sunraiser Prune Juice to 30mls cooled boiled H20. I have been giving this to her for 2 days. the first poo was still a bit hard for her, so i increased amount to 10mls-prune into 50mls H2o. I am still waiting to see result. There is plenty of pop offs. She is not unhappy and seems O.K by not going to loo all day yesterday. She only cries when doing a poo.
Laura is sleeping from 11pm till 7.30am.

Hope this helps
Hi, Daniel is 4 weeks old now and was constipated from day 4! He started on s26, then on the midwives advice was put on lactulose which didnt do a lot for him. (I took him off it after 3 days as the pharmacist said it was too harsh on his little system and she was flabbergasted it was even suggested for a baby so young!). I changed his formula to karicare and put 3/4 of a teaspoon of brown sugar in each bottle just to get him going and regular, but soon as the brown sugar stopped, so did the poos! Now on the clinic sisters advice, he is on Nan 1 probiotic and we now have normal poos!! Good luck. (S26 is high in iron which will make some babies constipated)

Sophie and Daniel's Mum - Tassie

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