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Ultrasound on 6wk babys hip Lock Rss

Hey all, just thought id put a question out there to see if anyone has had a similar experience..

Im a first time mum with a gorgeous baby girl. Today we went to the doctors for our 6 wk checkup, and while he was checking her hips, he said he heard a 'clunk'. He explained to me that this sound could mean a shallow hip socket, and we now have to go get her hip an ultrasound.

what he didnt tell me is, and what i didnt think to ask at the time, is what will actually happen if it is a shallow hip socket? Is there some kind of treatment if it is? Or could a 'clunk' noise be something else?

I dont want to call him back and ask him, as i dont want to sound like a silly paranoid first time mum when we havent even had the ultrasound yet. I think i already showed enough emotion for one day as Keira also had her tounge tie cut today, and although i know it didnt hurt her, the sounds of her screaming made me cry... more tears than she shed, Lol.

Hoping someone will be able relate to what im talking about

My little girl went through this. Her hip was picked up at three months and they"kept an eye" on it till she was six months when it had gotten worse. She had what they call a stable disolcation or a 3b hip. When the ultrasound their hips they are looking for congential hip displasia(CHD), deveolpmental hip dysplasia (DHD), or clicky hips. My daughter being six months went into a cast from chest to ankles and a brace till she was one and after a small operation. The cast keeps the femur in the right position for the hips socket to deepen and develop properly. The good news is that babies caught under three months more often than not only need a soft foam harness called a pavlik harness and no surgery.
You may have nothing at all to worry about but if I can stress one thing its get it checked by a specialist - peadiatric orthopeadic surgeon. Its worth it and you have nothing to lose but 30 mins of your time. I have been in your position with the ultrasounds and its so stressfull and I heard so many bad things - but rest assured if anything is wrong - and it could well be nothing at all - you'll get through it and so will bub. There is a saying that they have look after the parents more than the kids and its true.
I have many mums that call me when they find out about their bubs hips and casts. If you want to chat at all I'll post my email.
Take care and I hope all goes well for the ultrasound.

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3

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