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my baby wont stop crying Lock Rss

hi all

my baby is 1 month old and my breast milk has stopped ( due to stress) and i am now giving him S-26 Gold. i did wean him off my breast milk but for the last 3 days he just does not stop crying, any suggestions in what i should do to calm him down. i have tried everything
Hi Katerina,
Sorry to hear your having a hard time with your bubby.
Have you tried a massage with calming baby oils to settle him?
i have being told that i should not use baby products until he is at least 3 months old. i was using johnson and johnson products and he started to get pimples and rashes all over his body.
Sorry to hear you are having a hard time with bubs. I swore I would never use a dummy, but have found that sometimes if bubs is inconsolable and I know she has been fed and has a clean nappy it is really useful, it just calms her down. We only rarely use it. Otherwise we just give lots of cuddles, I hold her over my sholder and dance around.

My CHN showed me bouncing, face bubs away from you and hold her vertically in front of your belly (I put one arm under her arms and one under her nappy to support her, her head is supported against my body), then just gently bounce up and down, she loves it.

Did they say what you should be using? We use Johnson and Johnson baby oil in the bath, and then rub baby bedtime bath lotion on our DD. I have noticed that she is getting peeling skin on her neck and ear, I wonder if it is the products causing it.

Hope things get better for you
i was advised to use extra virgin olive oil and the pimples and rashes are slowly going, i have also found that when i feed him 120 mils that is not enough i have started giving him an extra 10 or 20 mils and he is sleeping much better
Hi Katerina

Sounds like it might be wind or colic. I bottle feed my DD & she has always been an incredibly fussy feeder (breast & bottle) and always cried during a feed. Over the last week I've been putting 2 drops of Infacol in her bottle and it has made the world of difference. She will drink a whole bottle without getting upset and is much happier in between feeds. When you shake the formula it gets so airated & the infacol helps as it draws all the small bubbles together into one big bubble. You can also give Infacol directly to bub but I find it works better in the bottle.

Sorry that these are medication ideas (sounds really bad) but Brauers Colic Relief is also amazing. It's all natural and very calming for bub. Sometimes they forget what they are crying about I think. It works wonders in calming my little one down and then she'll usually pass some wind or do a poo once she's relaxed.

I also swear by a bath for bub to calm them down. I used QV Bath Oil which is fantastic. I found olive oil just floated around in a clump whereas the QV Bath Oil makes the water milky looking and makes their skin really soft. I also swear by a lavendar massage if his skin can handle it.

Glad he is improving with increasing his feed volume.

Good luck!



I know this is not a long term fix but have you tried going for a ride in the car? My Charlie stops crying falls asleep instantly.

take care,
i know this is a while after your original post.
I have one of those big exercise balls that you use to sit on etc. I cuddle her and sit on it and we bounce up an down on it. She just loves it, it aways stops her crying. Shes even fallen asleep when we have been bouncing on it. Although she is now 5months old and every one is different i suppose. Just an idea, things might be going good for you now, i hope.
i would
-keep your bub really close in a baby carrier to keep them against your heartbeat and easier for you to hold (we bought an ERGO for our last son and it was the BEST money we spent. we also spent $1000 on a pram, which we sold and lost $500 on - and have used that ERGO most days since he was about a week old. it has been my LIFESAVER!! helps calms tears so often at home and out and about
-maybe get a dummy if its the sucking that is missed
-bounce on a ball wearing the baby carrier so your arms dont get tired
cuddle . cuddle. cuddle more
-check that is isnt what you are feeding that is causing the tears
- massage with plain old almond oil/another cooking oil like many massuers do. gentle oil is ok. we used it from day one with both kids.
hey all,

update on my baby he sleeps during the day and does not cry much anymore. i was advised it was the formula i was using i have now changed it and so far so good.

thanks everyone
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