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Caring for your Newborn

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10 essential newborn care tips Lock

You'll probably feel like you've been hit by a truck for the first few weeks or months ...

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Newborn Nappy Samples Lock

Hi, i was wondering where can i get samples for newborn?

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I wish someone had told me at least once.... Lock

They said hindsight is 20 / 20 and it's never truer than with parenting. What are some of th...

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Newcastle Mum

Can anyone recommend a good iPhone app for newborn stuff - feeding and sleeping patterns etc? Lock

Am having my 3rd in a few weeks, but first baby since iPhones! There are SO many babycare apps a...

4 replies

I recommend Giggly! Giggly is the best baby pics and pregnancy photo app. Hundreds of thousands of moms use the app on daily basis....


Indoor dogs & newborns Lock

Hi All, I have been home from the hospital for two days and my two dachshunds are not adjusting t...

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Coping in parenthood Lock

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Pimple like rash on baby's face? Lock

Hello Mum's, I am hoping you can possibly provide me with some personal experiences or knowledge...

12 replies

My five week has this. It's really bad. Both cheeks, ears and all over his head. I do mix feed him. They get worse when he...


What was your first day with your newborn like? Lock

Do you have any tips to share with first mums to be?

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Babies and Multivitamins... Lock

Has anyone else had to give their babies any form of multivitamin? When discharged from hossy af...

14 replies

Uncertain about exactly what you are searching for, before using any medication or herbs you have to consult a doctor. To find out m...


Do you have a question as a new parent? Check out this great list of resources! Lock

As a new parent, it can be hard to know whether you're doing everything right. If you have a...

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Circumcision Lock

Hi everyone I'm 37 weeks pregnant and are expecting a boy. We have decided to have him circumci...

34 replies

Hi This is subash, I have one son that was caused by circumcision during in childhood because so many probl...


Have you seen this? How to calm a crying baby Lock Have you got any other secret tips or tricks for soo...

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What are your favourite baby lotions? Lock

Tell us what has worked and not worked for your little one

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Severe bottom rash - UPDATE Lock

My 5 week old son has the worst bottom rash I have ever seen. Nothing is helping. Hydrozole didn...

13 replies

**just read your update sorry!* Could be fungal nappy rash?? If it is particularly nasty, spreading & not clearing up maybe try ...

Jade Maraea

Please help :( Lock

Since i was 6 months pregnant I've had an eczema type of infection on my right breast. Docto...

5 replies

Thanks everyone. Well the day i posted i had 2 paracetamol (unaware of what it was) and had an allergic reaction and ended up in hos...


Circumcision - Northland/Auckland Lock

Does anyone have any recommendations on who does circumcision in Auckland or is there anyone nort...

2 replies

Thanks for that, might contact them.

No poo since Saturday Lock

Skippy And The Greek wrote: Breastfeeding still love? Breastfed babies can go a week or so withou...

8 replies

Hi everyone, our website covers this topic off beautifully


When your baby spits up in bed do you let them stay asleep in the bed, or do you risk waking them to change to a dry sheet? Lock

My 5 week old often spits up on his clean sheets after a feed while he's asleep even after I...

3 replies

Thanks guys, that sounds like a great idea with the mattress protector cutting it up, I might try that, and yes definatly make it bi...


Bit worried about under-mattress sensor monitors Lock

A friend's very kindly lent us a baby monitor - one where you put the pads under the mattress and...

13 replies

Hello, we are concerned about the Angelcare unit we are using for our 9 month old. We have noticed that he will always move away dur...


Sleep Apnoea Lock

Hi there, I have a 9 week old little girl and last night i gave her the recommended dose of inf...

1 reply

My son has & we had him looked at & he has enlarged tonsils. They will need to be removed. Best to get checked by your gp


Overnight Nappy Changing Protocol Lock

What are everyone's "rules" when it comes to overnight nappy changes? My 14 wk old wakes twice th...

13 replies

I feel terrible even contemplating putting my little girl back to sleep in a dirty nappy, but we sometimes have nights like this: W...

Formula and Constipation Lock

Hi I am a first time mum to Jennah 2 1/2 weeks old. I began to breast feed but had to put her o...

20 replies

Eeebing2234 wrote: Sykang2015 wrote: My LO is 15 months old. A week ago he starts with constipation, he looks normal and is not in p...


Hip dysplasia & Colic Lock

Hi all, my DS has a immature hip so we have been told he needs to wear a brace for the first 6 w...

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HOW TO COPE!!?? Lock

my baby has colic and reflux, this is ment to be the happiest time of my life yet here I am strug...

4 replies

Wow, yep I feel for you!! It is so awful, DS2 has just turned 4 months and seems to be coming out the other side of what I can only...


Capsule/Pram Suggestions Lock

Hello all, Im sure there is another post somewhere with the same topic, but i searched thru 15 o...

1 reply

I have a Milano capsule, which I really like, but I don't have the matching pram. When we bought it they had a seat from a ca...


Prams Lock

Has anyone had the I candy prams?? I really like those and just wanted to hear some pointers abou...

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dancing queen

dressing a newborn Lock

Hi ladies I'm due in 2 weeks time and sorting out babies clothes that I have purchased. Was ...

3 replies

Dd was a late march baby so similar weather to now. I had her in a beanie, body suit with long pants with feet or socks and a long s...


Routines newborn n older kids Lock

Hi I had my 3rd 4 days ago. Just wondering about how to get acc into a routine with my older kid...

6 replies

I also have 3 kids they are 4,2&1 and we are expecting number 4. Routine is hard to establish with three young kids but you will...


Does anyone have a "hypersensitive baby" - Please help me! Lock

Hi everyone, After a very long first 8 weeks of my little daughter's life and trying hard to get...

3 replies

Hi... I also have a baby as described above and I can definitely say it's not a girl thing. We also thought it was colic and ...

worth going to the chiropracter??? Lock

Hi all My daughter has colic and silent reflux, and i was wondering if going to the chiropracter...

14 replies

Ganet- I know this post is a little old but I'm in the Sutherland shire too and my daughter has reflux. Would you mind passing ...

Little Egg

Introducing baby routine without unsettling toddler too much Lock

I am due any day now with No.2. DS is just off 19 months old and has a good lunctime nap everyday...

11 replies

can't wait to hear your good news - hope bubba comes soon!!

Baby poop Lock

If his belly is overly hard or he's clearly distressed then I'd see a doctor. Other tha...

4 replies

My 4 week old son hasn't had a bm in just over 1 week & his last one was definately a bomb lol he's ebf & had a da...


Book Lock

HI, Im a first time Mum to baby Alfie born 1 week ago. I have some general knowledge of what to ...

3 replies

Thanks so much that is exactly what I was wanting. Just buying it now.


Clothing sizes Lock

Hi all I'm from the uk. So trying to get my head around the sizing over here. The lady in b...

6 replies

Shine*on wrote: Not only does it depend on your baby but the brand of clothing. We were lucky enough to be given a bunch of second h...

Cuddles for Mum

He smiled! Lock

Not much point to this post, just feeling extremely in love with my little boy. He kept smiling a...

3 replies

Put a smile on my face. How lovely.


Is it warm enough? Lock

As I'm going into hospital Wednesday to be induced I've gone into full nesting mode! I&...

3 replies

I wouldn't worry about a heater. I'm in aucks and it's freezing here some nights (2 degrees one night) and neither of...


Go little miss! Lock

Got DD (wow that feels weird!) weighed today at one week old. Instead of losing weight, she'...

9 replies

Awesome.....she's thriving!


9 weeks postpartum dizziness Lock

Hi ladies, had anyone experienced this? I've tried to up my water, iron, vitamin b, sleep wh...

1 reply

I would definately get your iron levels checked. Depending on your birth, recovery, and whether you a bf, it can deplete iron levels...


Ceiling fan Lock

Ok so have a 2week old and we live in Brisbane weather has been abit muggy and hot and I was just...

1 reply

Hi thanks for the replies , I've only lived in Brisbane for over a year now and this is my first baby in a different country I&...


Very very loud crying baby :( Lock

My son is almost 2 months old. Sometimes when he wants something (eg. Food, to be picked up when ...

2 replies

Yes my son was so loud he gave me tinnitus