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weight watchers help!!! Lock Rss

hey mummies,

im due with bubs #3 in 2 weeks and am planning on going onto weight watchers point thingy pretty soon as i need to fit into my wedding dress and i have a heap of weight to loose... even tho i now weigh less then i did b4 i got preg but im a big girl anyhoo

so was wondering how many points a day do i need while breastfeeding????

Thanks girls and cant wait to be on this newborn page instead of pregnancy page lol


Hi Bree

first of all, congrats on your pending nuptuls, and little daughter. have you got any names picked out? when's your wedding day? I love weddings...I'd love to be a wedding planner, so i'm just waiting for the big lotto ball to drop on my roof so I can start the business smile

I have no idea how many points you need to have while Bfeeding but I reckon if you give the ww line a call, see if they'll be able to give you that info over the phone. they may need to ask u some questions for example, current weight, height etc. also, check out their web page, it might have the info there.

if all else fails, and you live in sydney somewhere, and will fit into a wedding dress size 20-24, you can always borrow mine smile. I was a big bride too. My normal size was 18, but as you know, when it comes to bridal wear, the sizing is soooo different which sux. I tried and tried to lose weight before my big day but only mananged to shed about 4 kilos. it wasn't till about 6 months after I married, that I joined WW and lost 25 kilos. I got down from 99 kilos to 74 kilos in a few months and I was over the moon. Even size 14 jeans were starting to fall off me. I tried my wedding dress on again then, and my skirt actually could wrap around me. It was amazing, but I reckon if i tried it on now, it probably wouldn't fit again as i've just regained all the weight i've lost in these 2 pregnancies, but who gives a ! - I have 2 beautiful baby boys and they are both worth it....good luck..


3 gorgeous children to love forever

hi haylee,

Thanks for answering. my little girl will be called Makayla Jayde if she ever decides to get here lol

Our wedding is still abit off we getting married 7th Feb 2009 as i want all 3 kids to be part of it and bella will be at a good age to be part of it

I too am a wedding planner and have been for some time its the bestest job im in the process of starting up my own bridal shop and offer wedding planning as well.

I soooo no about wedding dress sizes im already fat but when going looking for a dress it makes u feel huge!!!!!

But im like u i have or will have lol 3 beautiful children and a fiancee who loves me being like this so at the end of the day its only 1 day of my life its not the end of the world if im still fat!!

All the best


Hi Bree, hope its all going well! My name is Cynthia and i'm new to the forums. I have a 27 month old boy Jake and 24 weeks pregnant with number 2.
I successfully did Weight Watchers while breastfeeding and lost my post baby weight. I'll be back there after the next one is born!

You need 32 points while exclusively breastfeeding, if you are supplementing ie formula, starting solids you need to drop the points. It's important to keep your eye on your milk supply,you should aim to lose more than 1/2 to 1 kg a week.

Hope this helps! Good luck,

Cynthia x
Cynthia -
Thank you for that info, just what I needed!
I've done WW before, based on 20 points a day. 32 sounds like heaps, did you find you were ever hungry?!

Nikki, 26. Mum to William 1.3.06; Callum 30.10.07

hey there, iam doing ww at the moment. when i was breast feeding i was on 30 points.

The quiz to work out your points is below

1. Sex:
Female: 7
Male: 14
Female Breastfeeding - 14

2. Age:
18-20: 5
21-35: 4
36-50: 3
51-65: 2
65+: 1

3. Weight
2 digit weights: use the first 1 digit of your weight (eg: 84 = 8, 75 = 7)
3 digit weight: use the first 2 digits of your weight (eg: 112 = 11, 137 = 13)

4. Height:
Under 160cm: 1
Over 160cm: 2

5. Activity at work:
Sitting most of the time: 0
Sometimes sitting, mostly standing: 2
Sometimes standing, mostly walking: 4
Physically hard work most of the time: 6

If your total is less than 18, round up to 18
If your total is more than 33 round down to 33 (40 for breasfeeding mums)
If your total is less than 20, round up to 20
If your total is more than 40 round down to 40

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