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I am hoping to finish work 4 weeks before bubs comes along and during that time I would like to make up a few frozen meals so when I get home from hospital I can pull them out and heat up. I have thought of the usual ones like lasagne and spag bol but does anyone else have any ideas/recipes for meals that can be frozen.
I did up a chicken stir-fry, then just had to make the rice when the time came (I have a microwave rice steamer so was too easy) also soup is another great one

I use the master foods type flavour sachets and the honey mustard chicken and the beef stroganoff both freeze really well and we also use Taylor's brand "Thai Green Curry with Lemongrass". We freeze these as leftover's all the time with either rice or mashed potato. The rice freezes better than the potato but either can also be made fairly quickly on the night you plan to eat. If you don't mind the taste of it you can even use instant mashed potato.


Mum to Angus (4) & Abby (Aug 07)

I know not everyone's baby is effected by certain things passing through breast milk(if you intend on breastfeeding!)
But to read up on things that can give newborns wind.
My bubba couldn't handle me eating chocolate,garlic,onions,cabbage etc as this gave her really bad wind.Just thought I'd mention this,as like you I was ultra prepared,except most things I had cooked and frozen had at least on of those things in it!Try a quick google search if you want to know more.All the best for your babymoon!

Mumma to M- Growing a Nov babe

I was reading in the 'Tip Sheets', it has information on freezing foods. I found that rather handy. And a sheet on 'tips for new mothers'.

I froze...

Chicken Soup
Pumpkin Soup
Vege Soup
Stews (yuck but handy dandy)
Home made pizza
MILD curries
Marinated meats
Muffins (for when you get the munchies)
Beef Strogenoff (sp? lol)
Stir fries
Spinach Quiche (handy lunch stuff for visitors)]
Spag bog
Pasta sauces like creamy mushroom, basil and tomatoe etc
Cakes (for when guest come)

And that's all I can think of just now. May I suggest that you avoid buying any preprepared frozen meals and packet stuff? They have lots of preservatives and are not good for you or bub.

Easy meals when you feel like it;

Cous Cous with veges mixed through
BBQ and salad

Enjoy smile
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