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Dreams!!!!!.....with a new born Lock Rss

Hi has anyone had any great dreams while breast feeding baby,for example,breast feeding at night,when the time comes,before I wake up I sometimes think that Sarah Rose is already on my breast,or sometimes I say to my partner,she is already here in my arms,one day I will sleep through it lol....but I hope I wont,I am wondering why I am like this if anyone has had any experiences of dreams that feel close to your baby.This is my first baby and enjoying breast feeding now that they are not sore whoohooo!!!!!.

Cheers Kim
It is a very strange phenomenon, I had the same sort of thing and my best friend did too!!

It does settle down, I think it took a couple of weeks for my dreams to return to normal!

thankyou for your info....its good to know it does go away.

You're not alone. I keep doing that too. Not long after Maya was born, I'd wake up sometimes, frantically searching in the bed. My fiance would wake up and ask what I was doing and I'd say "Where's Maya, where's Maya?!" in a panicky voice. It was because I thought I had been breastfeeding her in bed and had fallen asleep with her in my arms she wasnt. Fiance had to remind me that she was in her basinette beside the bed.

The other night he came to bed and I woke and murmered something like "Watch out, don't hit Maya" or something (I have no idea what I said and when I asked Josh the next day, he didn't know either). Then I heard Josh say "Huh?! in a confused tone. The doona was clumped up around my chest and I was cradling it, thinking (in my sleepy state) that it was Maya. After he responded in such a confused manner and I felt the doona clump and realized it wasn't her. Very embarrasing lol.

It has to have something to do with the fact that bubs is on us all the time, especially the breastfeeding mums.
Hi girls. My DD is 11mths old but i was reading thru here as i have another on the way. This brought back so many memories for me as I had exactly the same thing happen but i was F/feeding. I think its the fatigue that does it. Every time i woke at night i would reach out and feel my chest and tum and around me in bed in case i was sleeping on my baby. I could never remember putting her back to bed, even though i had a firm routine of making a bottle, feeding her in bed, burping her, changing her mid-feed and settling her into her bassinet. In hospital she slept on my chest for 2 hours the night she was born as she was having probs staying warm so i was told to cuddle her inside my nightie (called kangaroo care). When i woke i was still half sitting up, rigid, with my knees still bent up on the bed, and bub in exactly the same spot as when she fell asleep. But never again! I was too scared I'd flatten her!

It'll pass when you are less tired.
Hiya thanks all for your input,its great to feel i am not alone!!!,Sarah Rose is 7 weeks now,and still having the moments,its a weired feeling but nice though.

cheers kim
I too had these dreams in the early weeks of feeding. I'd always wake up thinking I'd dropped my baby!

Once I introduced solids and started to cut down on my breastfeeds I started having different breastfeeding dreams that were extra weird. In one I was a wet nurse for someone famous (can't remember who now) and I could hear the baby crying and was running through this mansion trying to find the baby so I could feed it. Maybe my breasts were feeling overfull or something?!

Anyway, I'll shut up now...before you all think I am nutty!
had similar dreams to you girls.... i had a panic attack and sprung out of bed as i thought i rolled on my bub even though i put her to sleep in her bassinette! my poor husband hehe!! isnt it wonderful though!! i also had dreams i was feeding her then woke up to a wet tshirt!!
hi all thanks everyone for your input its a great exsperience these dreams hey....

have a nice day
kim a sarah rose
i did the same thing, i dreamt that he cried and i got up and breast fed him and changed him and it was so real. and then the next thing i know he was crying and my partner went and got him and said aren't you gonna feed him and i was like, i just fed him, didn't you hear him crying before. it was quite funny.
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