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Parking at shopping centre's Lock Rss

I am so sick and tired of going to my local super market or westfields shopping centre and the only spaces that are available for mums with prams are taken from lazy people who can't be bothered parking a little further from the entry doors.

A few weeks ago i went to my local westfields (Hurstville) to do a bit of christmas shopping and just like every other time i have been there on and off peek hours all the mums with prams spaces were filled. This forced me to park right at the far end of the shopping centre with my 3 month old and my sisters 3 & 2 year old children, it is hard enough to walk wit three children and control then let alone walk through a busy westfields car park. When walking past the mums with prams area i noticed that only a small amount of the cars had baby seats in the car and not to mention there were two cars leaving and one was a couple in there 40's NO KIDS and a car full of 16 year old boys NO KIDS. Why is it that they will patrol the outside of the shopping centre's for parking violations but they will not drag there lazy behinds inside the shopping centres and make sure that people are not parked in the wrong places and the easiest was that this is done is just like issuing a card for the disabled why doesn't the council issue cards for mums with children under 3 years.

If anyone agrees please message back with your name and suburb so that i can send this petition to the council and have something done about it before something terrible does happen to one of our children!
I agree with you - but what i cant understand is why there is only three spaces - think about how many mums or dads go their and they cant park.
I have the same problem with macquarie centre at nth ryde - but the thing there is they have twenty disabled spots that aren't being used (i know there is a need for all of them and im not saying we should get rid of those) but why cant they match it with parents with prams as well
but i dont think the council can do much about it as shopping centres are owned by a corporation and its them you need to be petitioning

I complained to centre management of our local shopping centre (Carindale) when I noticed a staff member parking in the parents parks. They advised that since the parks are provided as a courtesy it is not illegal for everyone to park in them and they could not do anything about it (unlike disabled parks).

If it really bugs you that much, maybe you should make up some little notes and place them on the windscreens of the offending vehicles. They might feel guilty and not do it again. You could complain to centre management each time you go. You could advise centre management that the offending vehicles have left their lights on. Hubby suggests putting a pebble in the tyre valve to let their tyre down, but you might get in trouble for that!

Hope you have better success at getting a park. I don't bother looking anymore and just park wherever I can.

Mum to Angus (4) & Abby (Aug 07)

Does this post really have to be in every topic??

i TOTALLY agree with you!! I live at Como, and im sick and tired of it too! everytime i try to park at Miranda and Hurstville westfields i get the same. I think that mothers with young children should be given some form of disabled parking with spots allocated across the board. It gets so dangerous trying to get young ones out from cars with people hooning past, no one slows down as well. Thanks for bringing up this topic!

goodluck with the council/westfields, in future i will be complaning each time i go there!
Kristen Issa, Como
We don't even have parents park in our town, and with a twins i have to park way at the end as i need room to get my double pram out of the car..
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