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Tampons? Lock Rss

Just wondering when it was alright to start using tampons? Can you start when you get your first period after birth? Stupid me forgot to ask the doctor at my six week check up today - but i still have to go back because my periods decided to come while I was in the waiting room (just when you prepare yourself for a pap)
So i was just wondering is it alright to start using them as i hate pads and im allergic to them (dont ask im allergic to everything soap, deoderant you name it)

you will be able to use them after the lochia has gone, it sounds like its still going- sometimes it stops/starts again. Id use then next cycle. Are you breast/or bottle feeding?
lochia has stopped. i know that i was very happy as we all are!
now bottle feeding after 6 weeks of expressing (bubs is tounge tied and i have inverted nipples the combo just didnt work for her and she refused to latch on) - it was just to tiring to keep going as much as i wanted to.
definelty my periods the good old period pain is back smile

Im pretty sure you can use them when you get your period back. Ive always waited until the second one, mainly because my body does funny things with the first and I find its easier to manage with pads.

Karen, DS1 31/8/03, DD 12/3/07, DS2 16/12/09

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