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hysterectomies?? in nz Lock Rss

I was wondering if anyone could help me out with as much info as possible abput having a hysterectmy (scuse my spelling) i have a 2 yr old, a 6 week old and im 25 and think thats enough kiddies for me does anyone know the cost how i go about getting it done and if its true they will tidy you up with a tummy tuck at the same time?
Cheers Amy
A hysterectomy involves removing the whole uterus, ovaries and tubes. It is not something to be entered into lightly as you will enter into early menopause as you wont be producing the same hormones. My Aunt had it done for medical reasons in her late 40s and it was awful to see her go through it. It was way worse recovery than a ceasar and had some huge side effects including the early onset menopause. IS there a reason you would go this way rather than having your tubes done? It seems a bit drastic if it is only as a birth control method.

My sister had 3 caesarian births and with her 3rd opted to get her tubes done at the same time. They use a plastic clamp on each of the fallopian tubes so that the egg does not release and therefore cannot be fertilised. It is major surgery though if you get it done on its own and you would be in hospital for quite a while. Have you considered your partner getting the snip instead tongue it is only a day procedure and much less invasive.

I completely agree with Kell Bell. Much easier for hubby to get done.

I used to work in Theatres and a hysterectomy was only ever done in extreme circumstances (cancer, uncontrollable bleeding, polyps, etc.) It is a huge operation and I doubt that they would do it on someone your age unless absolutely necessary. They can remove only the uterus, leaving the ovaries so you don't go into early menopause, but having your tubes tied or having an IUD inserted would be much less trauma on your body. It is a huge operation to try and get over, especially if you have young kiddies to look after.

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I worked with a woman who had a form of cancer - cant remember if it was cervical or uterine. Anyway she was 30ish with one daughter and they wouldn't do a hysterectomy even then as she was still of "childbearing age"

Have a chat with DH about maybe getting the snip as one of teh other girls suggested

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