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Hi all, I'm lucky to have a DS who sleeps 9 hours a night and then 4 after that so I wouldn't say I'm completely sleep deprived (just exhausted) but I have these HUGE black swollen bags under my eyes and have tried a few things that don't work such as Maybelliene puffy eye concealer, Nivea Visage shadow eye cream, normal concealer with foundation - nothing works! Any good remedies for getting the puffiness down?

Heh, I'll have to give that a go Nikki. Thanks. I've always had quite heavy bags under the eyes unfortunately but now it seems worse. Not that I care what I look like most of the time tongue

I used haemorroid cream for my wedding worked a treat! I woke up with puffy eyes as I couldnt sleep the night before and it was gone in a second, my wedding co-ordinator actually told me to do it.
Hey, i get really bad dark rings around my eyes, it actually looks like iv been punched in the face and i finally found a product that helps. Its made by clinique and is called all about eyes. Its around $40 a jar but u use hardly any each time. A jar usually lasts me at least 6 months and i use it every day.
The body shop have a couple of good eye gels, their vitamin c one is really good. Also you could try 'lightning touch' (also from the body shop) you use it like a concealer but it reflects the light so it reduces darkness.

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